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The Muslim 'moderate' peaceful and law abiding of a culture-religion continuing violence-terror in London, Manchester, Boston, Belgium, Sydney,...Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Kenya,Turkey.. against Other and even their own.

I am appalled by the normalisation of such escalating cultural 'moderate peaceful and law abiding derived terror as normative with the inevitable counter-terror as the Western political/social elite refuse to confront the source, instead manage the cultures terror into our space.

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other." Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya's president, 2015

"A moderate preacher says Australia’s Muslim society is “infested by extremists”, his comments coming during a heated television debate that also included Muslim leader Dr Jamal Rifi."
Islam infested by extremists, moderate Muslim cleric says, The Australian, May 25, 2017

"Islam infested by extremists, moderate Muslim cleric says" The Muslim 'moderates' should know as research proves these so called Muslim extremists are coming straight from the floors of the Muslim 'moderate' families, communities and institutions Islamic/Muslim development an…

'Australian government should be favourable to 'uncontroversial' Afghanistan troop request'? Why should we send more citizens to die for no reason other than...

Social Psychology let alone history, or mere observation determines as a truth, allow a the culture's Architect and Builder, a cultures codex (text and exemplar (messianic) template) and birth to death development process, systemically informing infamy across time and space, to remain in a social/political space by only dealing with the symptom, the cultures altruistic enforcers/punishers/aligners, declaring victory as each cultures altruist is 'defeated', 'contained', 'neutralised' is dangerous delusion as the culture adapts, discovers, improvises, overcomes-flows around and back into the social/political space utilising the same cultural justification, authorisation and adapted analogised method of dealing with Other.

Although most of humanity would like to believe as human biology determines humanity as one, humanity can therefore be as one in peace and harmony, the reality is categorically, as the burning buildings, broken bodies and lives attest, a com…