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Foreign Affairs: "Learn about the past. Understand the present. Predict the future"-Based upon invented abstractions of neoliberalism populism to assuage 'liberals' conscience of complicity in destroying Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.




Kang Yu-wei 1898 delighted "Xi Jinping’s 2014 emphasis on Confucius has a modern-day political purpose." but for good reason not the History Departments of Futan University and Shanghai Teachers' University, 1976

"Xi Jinping’s emphasis on Confucius has a modern-day political purpose." The Chinese Communist Party's Confucian Revival,
"As Chairman Mao said, "In old China it was a crime to talk about reforms, and offenders would be beheaded or imprisoned."(History-Departments-of-Futan-University-and-Shanghai-Teachers'-University, 1976, p. 117)*

"It is clear that from the moment Kang Yu-wei began his reform activities he clung to the two most deeply entrenched "authorities" – the theoretical dictates of Confucius and the political power of the Emperor. The bourgeoisie revealed its nature at its first appearance, showed itself to be weak and thorough in making revolution, and tied in a hundred and one ways to the feudal class. Confucius* and the Emperor to were already in fact political corpses towards the close of the 19th century, but Kang Yue-wei still attempted to treat them with bourgeois reformism and then use them to enact a new play on the stag…