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"Everyone connected with the abomination in Aleppo will pay a heavy price" We are already- fortressing of Western institutions continue

"Everyone connected with the abomination in Aleppo will pay a heavy price" Washington Post, By Frederic C. Hof, December 16, 2016

Safety barriers and more police patrols to protect Anzac Day marchers from vehicle terrorism, Andrew Dowdell, Exclusive, The Advertiser, pril 23, 2017

We are already paying a heavy price for having Muslims in our human space even before IS - fortressing of Western institutions continue with the fencing off the Parliamentary hill in Australia another stain of Muslims being reflected in the landscape.

"At a time when terrorist attacks have become all too familiar, public spaces are no longer presumed to be safe, and that includes holiday markets."
Christmas Markets Are Beloved Tradition, but a Challenge to Protect, NYT, By ALISSA J. RUBIN, DEC. 19, 2016

Berlin markets shut, security beefed up, Reuters, Caroline Copley, Joseph Nasr and Victoria Bryan, DECEMBER 21, 2016

"Twenty-three incidents in public schools related to threatening phone …

Mothers the Creators of Cultural Terror. Education commences at the mother's knee, and every word spoken within hearsay of little children tends toward the formation of character. Hosea Ballou

Pakistan: Mother 'burnt her daughter to death' over marriage, BBC, 8 June 2016

"Over the decades, successive laws have sought to improve the position of women, but implementation has been lacking because it is mostly in the hands of male government functionaries and the police who consider most violence against women as a "family problem", or even provoked by women themselves."
Why is a Pakistani bill to protect women unpopular?, By M Ilyas Khan, BBC News, 17 March 2016

Given women tend to be the greatest advocates-protectors of cultural ethical rationale systems one has to be very careful when determining any lack of implementation of a law regards women which holds limited or no sway in the public-private squares of any culture is because men hold most of the power. For if the legislature which instituted the law of protection for women is comprised mostly of men, voted in by women and men, are unable to enforce the law, the law is an aspiration only, residi…