China's precedent-breaking Xi Jinping gets set to bolster his power?

“A nation, like man, is the creature of its past." THE REVOLUTIONARY IDEA IN FRANCE, 1789-1871, By Lord Elton, 1923.
China's precedent-breaking Xi Jinping gets set to bolster his power?
China's precedent of creating Emperors continues. The Chinese war of attrition 200-100-50-20-7-2-1 is upon us and unless we understand the truth of our circumstance we to will be subsumed in Chinese dissimulating Confucianism moral character of obedience to Emperor and Sun Tzu's deception, fire and conquest.
Communist China is North Korea. Communist China has been quite happy to create and nurture a regime on its flank which continually subjugates its citizens to tyranny Communist China itself utilises as in Tiananmen square, and reflected in Communist China's silencing of its own citizens, with bullying States to align to its vision of the world whilst utilising dissimulating soft power with its reformed 'peaceful' Confucian face.
One must remember the first time Confucius was …

Why Las Vegas and the increasing utilisation of violence-terror by non-Muslims in Western Democracies? Moral Equilibration-Moral Shift=If we accept terror “as a normal method of resolving conflict” in society, “Social tolerance of violent behaviour” systemically emanating from a culture within society what will happen, what will “explain why countries experiencing high levels of one type of violence also experience increased levels of other types.”

My claim is that if we accept violence as an inherent method to resolve social and political grievances by one cultural segment of our society, in this case clearly emanating from the Islamic/Muslim culture, then this method will be reflected across the society as a whole for all manner of criminal, personal, political, social conflict because violence is the ultimate silencer of descent-voice, opposition. Once released it will not be confined because of its ease of use and effectiveness - the acceptance of a justified Islamic/Muslim culture of violence due to blasphemy or any other tawdry excuse has in my view unleashed violence as a standard method to resolve conflict.    

"Values of caring and morality can lose their power when circumstances activate and move to dominance other values. ...
Relevant to how values that lead to immoral actions can become dominant is the concept of moral equilibration. ...
..The moral principles that prohibit killing or harming other human beings are…

Tell me again why the U.S. Unilaterally Developed Overwhelming Force to Underwhelm.

"Congress and the Trump administration believe that an alliance of 29 Western democracies is far more effective at ensuring our security than one country acting alone. That unity sends an important message to friends and adversaries alike."
Washington Remains United Behind NATO U.S., Department of State, By Kay Bailey Hutchison Sept 2017 

Tell me again why the U.S. unilaterally developed overwhelming force to underwhelm.
Unity in Chaos
What will go wrong,
29 Generals went to war.... with 29 politicians.... with 29 accountants.... with
Patience-Pathological Altruism as a strategy working?
The League of Nations working?
How long has it taken Russia and China to work out they can continue to push under the Nuclear umbrella. Ukraine and the South China Sea determined Russia and China have reverted to character.
“A nation, like man, is the creature of its past." THE REVOLUTIONARY IDEA IN FRANCE, 1789-1871, By Lord Elton, 1923

How long has it taken Russia and China to work out Unity in…

I am aware of something 'rising' just as 'evil' if not worse for humanity. Antifa.

I am aware of something 'rising' just as 'evil' if not worse for humanity. Antifa.
"..only Marxism provides both the theory and the practice of genuine human liberation.” "genuine human liberation"? How many murdered and subjugated as a result of Marx's tawdry nihilistic false vision?
If seeking security, harmony and a flourishing life One should not judge a person, a community, a Nation by the colour of their skin, the level of their intellect nor their physical dexterity but One must certainly judge them by the character of ALL their "insulting, dangerous, and wrong" cultural foundation codex regards Other, particularly as it relates to the status of women relative to men. For only after complete examination by oneself (not taking anyone else’s subjective word for it) of the cultural Foundation codex regards Other and Women, and ignoring demonstrative pious claims utilizing select abridged versions of the cultural Foundation codex to hide t…

Measuring a Cultures Threat ...there exists cultural derived silence enough of the many to enable whatever few adherents who actually protect Other to be consistently overwhelmed by the claimed "Not culture-strain of extremism" which is created by the very culture claiming innocence-clean hands.

"Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change." Confucius
"The existence of the Jewish colony in China was discovered by the Jesuit Fathers in the seventeenth century, if not earlier; Kaifung, some four hundred and fifty-miles south-west of Peking, being the headquarters of the colony. When Martin visited the place in 1866, he found the synagogue, supposed to be built in 1164, in ruins; the Jews had dispersed, some having become Mohammedans, and not one being able to speak a word of Hebrew. In 1850 certain Hebraic rolls were recovered from the few remaining descendants of former Jews,.."
China in Transformation, A. R. Colquhoun, 1898

“The wave of persecution is so severe that some fear it may bring about the end of Christianity in the region where it was born two millenniums ago.
Why is this taking place? And what is to be done?
Some in the West are inclined to see the problem as “Islam’s War on Christianity.” For them, a militant faith is trying to eradicate its p…

Cultures not individuals create altruistic enforcers/punishers to deliver coercive violence to silence therefore unless cultures creating deviance paradigms are held to account coercive violence will become the accepted norm, the Australian Way.

"Those who are most effective in claiming the moral high ground have been able to rally their people, dehumanise the target and take what they want."
The Master Strategist, Ketan J. Patel, 2005 ".. the character of society flows from the intellectual forms which predominate in it."
A Dictionary of Sociology, Oxford University Press, 2009

May I suggest universities in Australia and overseas revaluate the reasons why they utilise the unscrupulous dualism of Marx as an exemplar, and are including Islamic studies within their institutions given the Islamic construct of Other contained in Muhammad's Quran is exactly the same as contained within Hitler's Mein Kampf informing necessarily the exact same heinous outcomes for humanity. Western universities are becoming the source of increasing justification and authorisation of violence-terror in Western streets whilst being "most effective in claiming the moral high ground." so as to reduce their and their in…