If the Western ‘virtuous minority’ insist on taking their own culture over the cliff we must start insisting a space is set aside within our education institutions where ‘The not to be asked Question.’ can be openly evaluated and argued.

The training required to achieve the 'virtuous minority' elite's desired tranquility of silence is polished to the required sheen in our 'higher learning' institutions.

Stop Telling Students Free Speech Is Traumatizing Them, By Jesse Singal, July 18, 2017

It is the same socialist-Marxist violent deviance paradigm of the later counter-revolutions in France after 1789 where the socialists of Paris and large towns determined the rest of France were Lissagaray 'brutal rurals' (unsurprisingly the exact same socialist construct of today's populists 2017), "Thousands of mutes and blind are not fitted to conclude a social pact. Weak, unorganised, bound by thousand trammels" and should therefore have no say in their own future. Lissagaray's 'virtuous minority' would decide what is determined as 'good' or 'evil'.

The socialists claim the rising of the proletariat the workers in Lissagaray's Paris "It is time people u…