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Nursery Rhymes on Cultures Knee - Western Version: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Islamic Version: Words, images, body language will ‘provoke’ me to break your bones with swords and guns and I will certainly hurt you.

       Western Nursery Rhyme Outcome                                    Islamic Nursery Rhyme Outcome
Nursery Rhymes on Cultures Knee:

Western 1872 version: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

"Sticks and Stones" is an English language children's rhyme. It persuades the child-adult victim of name-calling to ignore the taunt, to refrain from physical retaliation, and to remain calm and good-natured.

Role in Western culture
This sentiment is reflected in/reflects the Western common law of civil assault, which holds that mere name-calling does not give rise to a cause ‘provocation’ of action, while putting someone in fear of physical violence does.

The corner stone values of Democracy

Western 2015 version: Swords and guns may break my bones, but words, images, body language will never hurt me.

Western “Duty to Doubt” Be doubtful, Be sceptical, Be critical.

Certainty is the root of all evil.

Accept being doubted, accept being viewed as untrustworthy, and accept being criticised without resorting to violence.

The state has a monopoly on the legitimate use of coercion.

The corner stone values of Tyranny

Islamic version 7th century C.E– 2015: Words, images, body language will ‘provoke’ me to break your bones with swords and guns and I will certainly hurt you.

Role in Islamic culture
This sentiment is reflected in/reflects the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex to justify assault and murder, which holds that mere name-calling justifiably gives rise to a cause ‘provocation’ of action, whilst no fear of physical violence exits.

Islamic “Duty to Certainty” Be certain, Be compliant, Be silent.

Doubt is the root of all evil.

Other accept the certainty Islam is right, Other accept compliance to Islamic dictates, Other accept silence as to the veracity of the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex (textual and exemplar (messianic) template) or accept violence ‘provoked’ by Others failure to accept.

The state does not have de facto monopoly on the legitimate use of coercion.

What will happen, what has happened particularly to women when there is a demand as a societal norm the ‘victim’ should have acted ‘responsibly’ to prevent ‘provocation’ of the perpetrators violence, the victim therefore deserves what they get?

“To make one exception means to make them all.”
Blaming the Victim: Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech By Nicole Gelinas, January 18, 2015 New York Post

As with a person as with a culture utilising such a notion of 'provocation' which justifies violent action where no threat of violence exists this construct will invariably run through the whole of cultural method for dealing with internal and external nonconformity to cultural codex dictates.

"Police said Ananta Bijoy Das had been murdered in broad daylight as he headed to work at a local bank in the city of Sylhet, an attack that fellow writers said highlighted a culture of impunity."
Third blogger Ananta Bijoy Das hacked to death in Bangladesh 
AFP MAY 12, 2015

This is what we want in Western Democratic streets a return to a “Duty to Certainty” and the terror which always follows in its wake as we have had clear proof of for centuries and even in our own time?

"Forty-five churches were torched over the weekend in Niger's capital during deadly protests over the publication of a Prophet Mohammed cartoon by the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, police say.

The protests, which left five people dead and 128 people injured in Niamey, also saw a Christian school and orphanage set alight, said Adily Toro, a spokesman for the national police."

Charlie Hebdo: 10 killed, 45 churches torched during protests over Prophet Mohammed cartoon in Niger; Chechnya rally draws 1 million, Russia says – ABC

"Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibar, who is part of King Salman’s (Saudi Arabia) Senior Ulema Council, the kingdom’s highest religious body, made that claim during a lecture in the United Arab Emirates this past January."
Saudi Cleric Claims That The Sun Revolves Around The Earth 3:33 PM 02/18/2015

Is just one child lost worth the unfathomable grief to a mother, to a father , to a brother, to a sister, to a nation caused by having such a culture which informs this obscenity in our midst to continue delivering via the few they create by their very own hands the escalating terror we see before us?
"The Islamic extremists who slaughtered 147 people at a college in Kenya as they shouted "God is great" appeared to have planned extensively, even targeting a site where Christians had gone to pray, survivors said Friday."
Kenya Attack Survivors Say Campus Bloodbath Was Planned, Targeted Christians
THE WORLD POST AP Posted: 04/03/2015

Yemen: 'Corpses are lying in the streets'
After more than a week of Saudi-led air strikes, the country is heading towards a major humanitarian crisis. Charlene Anne Aljazeera 07 Apr 2015

In the UK, your child's teacher could be a spy - New security guidelines that require teachers to report pupils who show signs of radicalisation are worrying educators.
Imran Khan Aljazeera 08 Apr 2015

Imran Khan Should be asking "How is it the Islamic/Muslim codex enables such terror against Other to be analogised into reality consistently constantly from generation to generation which causes Other to lose complete faith in the Islamic/Muslim cultures ability to stop the terror emanating from its ranks, so Other has to institute laws to have teachers spy on their students and students to spy on their teachers? "

Imran Khan should be asking "How is it the Islamic/Muslim culture forces Other to institute Orwellian constructs within the Public Square?" Do you understand Imran Khan what has to happen for a Western culture based upon Liberty and Equality to institute such a practice? The alternative?"

Anything, anything is possible under such a construct, is this safe to have in any Public Square, for to dissent from such irrationality informs what response? Reasoned debate? Could it be the level of violence emanating from any culture is directly proportional to the validity and iniquitous nature of its cultural codex social constructs regards women and Other?

ABC in showing just half the new Charlie Hebdo front page in news broadcasts sent what message? Respect? Respect for whom, the victims or the cultural perpetrator? By your action ABC you are informing what norm now in the Australian Public Square?

You do of course understand ABC - Cultures justify and authorise terror the individual adherent ‘Few’, as individuals or in groups deliver it. Who is then ‘responsible’ the victim, the individual ‘Few’ or the culture which created the individual ‘Few’ and is still doing so?

"Wrong: “If we could only communicate we could resolve all our conflicts.”
True: “Communication is often essential to resolving conflict, but rarely a solution itself.”

Communication may make it clear we have much more difference than we thought.

Dealing with conflict – ‘Let’s do it differently now and we will do it better.’ …. we are not writing on a blank slate when we try to change the way we think about or understand how we behave in conflict. The fact is we started learning to manage conflict early and those lessons are not just going to go away because we have researched this or listened to a lecture or done some reading.

We’ve been learning to deal with conflict from our culture and our organizations and certainly we begin in our families starting at a very early in our lives. …There is a difference in how cultures approach conflict… cultures teaches lessons of how to handle conflict,… each organization develops cultures about how to handle conflict… deeper than all of that is the family structure. We all learned early in life about conflict, and what it means and what happens if we handle it in a given way, we learned it in our families starting when we were very young as toddlers, tried out saying ‘No.’, how that person reacted was potentially your first lesson in managing conflict and you have been learning it ever since. So we learned in the family and what we did learn and the lessons we learned led to behavior we adopted and we got habituated to, we get skilled at so our early learning drivers inform and awful lot of the way we deal with conflict and we go choose organizations where we apply those skills and it all fits within the culture so we are not people who come into conflict, like it is a new subject, we are people who come to the subject of conflict management having learnt it early, we’ve got built in ideas, some of that learning really works well, we are getting along, we are not killing each other, it still amazes me humans do as well as we do, managing conflict although we could do a lot better, some of the ideas we got, the way of dealing with conflict turned out to be wrong ideas.”
Michael Dues, Ph.D., University of Arizona, The art of conflict management.

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"they had a duty to do more to fight extremism" Why is this demand extremely important and could be the policy tipping point those of us who know the Only the 'Few'/'Moderate'/'Not Islam' policy paradigm was doomed to failure

"Islam can be "part of British identity", arguing they had a duty to do more to fight extremism and root out anyone preaching hatred. Muslim groups said the letter unfairly singled them out."
UK plea to imams to fight extremism draws charge of Islamophobia DNA Monday, 19 January 2015

"they had a duty to do more to fight extremism" Why is this demand extremely important and could be the policy tipping point those of us who know the Only the 'Few'/'Moderate'/'Not Islam' policy paradigm was doomed to failure because no cultural behavioral variance is the same, some consistently constantly from generation to generation include terror against Other and should not therefore be allowed into any Public Square.

It would appear there is a realisation by a Western Government, the UK Government:

firstly a public recognition the Islamic/Muslim cultural institution the Mosque within which the Imams are supposedly the cultural altruistic enforcers and as such should have a prominent role to play in setting Islamic benchmark beliefs, ethics, values and,

secondly importantly "do more" clearly indicates the Government is starting to realise either these 'moderate' Imams are not 'moderates' at all or worse have just realised a truth 'moderates' be they Imams or anyone else within the Muslim community reflecting back Others ethics have not been given the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex authority to be cultural altruistic enforcers as if they were the terror would not exist because the 'real' Islam ethical mean would be at the moderate end not at the radical.

This is really in cross-cultural terms 'We are not satisfied with your behavior to date expect further communication if things do not improve.'. 'Things' are not going to improve this is a cultural war regards diametrically opposed values in the same space. It appears some needed Charlie Hebdo to reflect they may have been mistaken in their view.

Those wanting to prevent Mosques going ahead in their space can utilise this as proof Mosques are problematic and once established cannot be counted on to stop terror in fact can either be seen to encourage it or at the very least not move against those advancing radical ideas the reason being the radical is the Islamic/Muslim justified and authorised cultural enforcer the radicals are the ones with the power in the endgame to direct the direction of Muslim ethics.

Proof of this can be found on UK's own soil given what happened in the schools in Birmingham UK in how radical Islamists took over the schools and the so called 'moderates' had no power or cultural codex leg to stand on to stop what these so called 'moderates' were shown in the subsequent report to be clearly aware of.

The policy paradigm of Only the 'Few'/'moderate'/'Not Islam' has to be turned on its head before the journey on the long road to a Western Islamic terror free Public Square can commence. It will not be a journey without its perils and tragic days but at least there is a real justified hope peace and harmony will be restored and we can once again sit in our cafes safe in the knowledge we will not be murdered because we are Other.

Cultures have no ‘Master Plan’ there never is but there is invariably a cultural codex stipulated principle ALL should convert to the True belief,

“..organization is going to affect how conflicts are handled. .. The organization by the way its structured, by its policies, by the way its managed, by the culture that develops, the relationships it sets up among its members, all of that structuring and context, will have a great influence on how members behave when they’re in a conflict.”
The Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, and Beyond, Professor Michael Dues, 2010

their desperate quest for personal power, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak of Malaysia appear to be not only destroying their personal reputations but also dragging their countries towards religious extremism and confrontation between national minorities. cannot avoid noting the slow but steady Islamisation of both the private lives of Malaysia's people and their state."
Are we witnessing the end of moderate Islam in Malaysia and Turkey? – The Malaysian Insider, Daniel Woker, 11 August 2015 (Dr Daniel Woker is the former Swiss Ambassador to Australia, Singapore and Kuwait and now a Senior Lecturer at the University of St Gallen, Switzerland.)

"Turkey argues that the there was no organised campaign to wipe out the Armenians, who are Christian, and no evidence of any such orders from the Ottoman authorities."
Erdogan tells Merkel concerned about German draft law on Armenian massacreBY TULAY KARADENIZ and NOAH BARKIN, Wednesday, 1 June 2016

“The Turkish parliament has voted to give more powers and authority to the military by granting them immunity from prosecution for actions they take while conducting operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). 
The law was passed late on Thursday and will make it significantly more difficult for alleged rights abuses to be properly investigated.”
Turkish military given immunity in PKK fight By Rudaw, 25/6/2016

"He has carved a successful career of ignoring and flouting laws and silencing critics with claims of Islamophobia. But they have not been silenced and neither will this court." said
Judge Richard Mawrey
Britain's first Muslim mayor is kicked out after being found guilty of blackmailing voters,"

BRITAIN'S first Muslim mayor has been found guilty of corrupt and illegal election practice, in an astonishing ruling by the High Court today., By ROB VIRTUE & REBECCA PERRING, Apr 23, 2015

Turkey Seizes Over 2,250 Institutions in Post-Coup Crackdown, Jul. 23, 2016, Associated Press

Turkey to detain 42 journalists as crackdown continues, FR, by Daren Butler and Seda Sezer, Jul 26 2016

"The leaked German Interior Ministry document released by public broadcaster ARD this week said the "Islamization" of Turkey's domestic and foreign policy had turned the country into a bastion of Islamic groups.
As a result of the increasing Islamization of Ankara's domestic and foreign policy since 2011, Turkey has become a central platform for action for Islamist groupings in the ... Middle East region," the document said"
Germany tries to downplay Turkey 'Islamization' report Deutsche Welle, 18/8/2016

 reichstag fire (28 February, 1933) served the Nazi leaders well. The charges that this was to be the signal for a Communist revolt were swallowed either willingly or unwillingly by the majority of people, and the next day Hitler forced through the Decree for the Protection of the People and State, which suspended civil and personal liberties, abrogated the constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech, freedom from illegal search, right to assembly, and the right to protection of property...

The first act of the new Reichstag, however, was to bury the Reichstag and the constitution.. the 'Enabling Law' .. transferred the legislative functions of the Reichstag to the Reich cabinet - all political parties, including the "democratic" State party and the Catholic Center party, voted for the enabling law and rushed "headlong into their chains.

The "solution" of the all-important Jewish problem was initiated by a boycott of Jewish shops in Berlin on April 1, 1933. Jews were dismissed from political and cultural positions first and allowed some degree of freedom of action in the economic sphere...."
Modern Germany, Pinson, second edition,1966

"ISTANBUL — Turkey’s parliament backed emergency measures Thursday giving authorities broad powers to pursue alleged supporters of a failed coup, even as the government said it has rounded up nearly 10,000 people since the attempted military takeover.....

Lawmakers passed the state of emergency motion by a comfortable majority, giving Turkey’s cabinet the ability to rule by decree for at least the next three months. The decrees can be overruled by parliament but are not subject to review by Turkey’s Constitutional Court.

“The cleansing is continuing, and we remain very determined,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech late Wednesday. He described a “virus” within the Turkish military and state institutions that had spread like “cancer.”

Turkish authorities granted emergency powers amid ‘cleansing’ after failed coup,
wp, By Erin Cunningham and Hugh Naylor, July 

“If the religious leaders compete with the extremists (religious leaders) on Islamic knowledge, I cannot guarantee that they would win. That’s what worries me,” said Adudulkrep, who is also head of the state-run Xinjiang Islamic Institute...."

"• Parents do not have the confidence to argue against the articulate and forceful activists who seek to impose their views, for fear of being branded as disloyal to their faith or their community."

Schools face new curbs on extremism after Birmingham Trojan horse affair Patrick Wintour, Political editor The Guardian, Wednesday 23 July 

"The six schools identified for review were all affiliated with the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. In total the schools received about $41 million in funding in 2015, up to 75 per cent of their funding.
But a Deloitte audit last year found all of them failed to meet basic standards required to qualify for this funding.
It found ongoing concerns about the schools’ independence, financial management and governance arrangements."

Islamic schools stripped of Federal Government funding after review, by Charis Chang,, APRIL 14, 2016

Normandy church attack ‘symbolic’, attempt to ‘cultivate war between West & Islam’
RT, 26 Jul, 2016

The logic of a view an individual-group of a culture involved in terror does not represent the sharp end of a cultural war is revealed in considering the validity of such a view 'Normandy church attack ‘symbolic’, attempt to ‘cultivate war between West & Islam’ with 'Alexandria temple attack ‘symbolic’, attempt to ‘cultivate war between Romans & Christianity’. What was happening elsewhere politically-socially in time and space which determines such an instance of a cultural derived act as always just a small part of a culture imposing what cannot be argued rationally with a pagan 'they will not be convinced whether you talk to them (pagans) or not', the sword or an analogised weapon of violence will be used along with other means of exploiting pagans own institutions inclusive of the indoctrination-political-military/security systems to achieve a cultural worldview. It is called cultural war because in the end what is happening to Other on a small scale ('not as many terror attacks vs heart attacks) will not may escalate as dominance is achieved - until the desired tranquility of silence-acquiescence is achieved.

"The record of German intellectuals was a sad one."
Modern Germany, Pinson

Cultures have no ‘Master Plan’ there never is but there is invariably a cultural codex stipulated principle ALL should convert to the True belief, the ‘right’ ethics-values-beliefs-motivation and resultant informed behavior, combined with cultural codex justified and authorized methods of having Other convert. No culture has a 'Master Plan' of terror-genocide against Other you will invariably find the protestations of protection of 'neighbor' and 'innocents' within even a cultural codex informing terror-genocide as no culture wants to admit to itself they are indeed evil, the flaw is both 'neighbor' and 'innocents' are circumscribed to such an extent 'neighbor' and 'innocents' cease to exist it is simply true-perfect believers and non-believers.

CIA chief expects release of 9/11 documents to clear Saudi Arabia = "no evidence of any such orders from the Saudi Arabian authorities." yet what happened, via whose cultural codex informed development process infant-child-adolescent-adult created these altruist enforcers/punishers/aligners as they did in Turkey, sustained to do what they do so well in such a coordinated networked way utilising commonly understood, what have to be, culturally understood, ethics-values-beliefs-motivation and methodology justifying and authorising their actions?

Cultures will create and sustain any number of Hitler's required for cultural purpose they do not need a signed certificate to determine they have reached the required level of cultural knowledge nor do they need a specifically designed or authorised script for action that has already been imbued within them by the cultural development process the methodology able to be either directly transcribed or inferred /analogised to obtain the same result. There are no specific orders in an administrative secular bureaucratic sense but there definitely are cultural orders within the cultural codex to achieve the outcome - otherwise it would never happen - the World Trade Center Twin Towers would be still standing otherwise as would be the many thousands of victims military and civilian since.

No indication at all the Saudi Arabian political/social elite are utilising a cultural codex informed development process infant-child-adolescent-adult informing terror-genocide not only within their own space to create the delivery of such infamy as 9/11 but exported to inform the same development elsewhere in time and space? 

"Enough is enough. It is time to speak out. 

“Islam is innocent” is an incomplete sentence. Introspection is needed, for, if we shy away from reality, the alternative will be more images like those we witnessed last Tuesday night, when brave Lt. Muath Al Kasasbeh was burnt to death in a cage. 

The inconvenient truth that is overlooked or willfully ignored by apologists for the indefensible is the fact that Wahabism, the cult of mediaeval austerity founded by Ibn Abdul Wahab (1703-1792), has over the last half century been exported to every mosque and school throughout the Muslim world until it completely enveloped mainstream Sunni Islamic teachings. 

Wahabism has entirely replaced, and become, Sunni Islam; the two cannot be told apart anymore. Some Wahabist teachings, which have permeated the air we breathe in the Muslim world, are simply irreconcilable with decent human values, especially the ones that declare that every non-Wahabist is a disposable body whose bloodletting is unproblematic."
‘We have a problem’ by Zaid Nabulsi The Jordan Times Feb 10, 2015

This requires no 'evidence' of a paper trail of officials religious or otherwise to inform culpability not understanding this has enabled even worse terror to manifest itself increasingly in Western streets where it is demanded 'evidence' be provided for cultural culpability the evidence lies bloody in our streets with the cultural codex informing such infamy held in the very hands of Islamic/Muslim families, communities, institutions and Nations. There is your evidence.

391 AD:
“Theophilus Patriarch of Alexandria released his monks to attack pagans who had occupied the Serupium, temple to Serapis, centre of an important library and lecture halls the museion, academy of arts and sciences founded in the 3rd century BC by King Ptolemy I. The Monks attacked the pagans, the argument was the pagans were secretly worshiping in underground sanctuaries, and this was against the laws recently passed by the Emperor Theodosius I.

The pagans objected and occupied the Serupium and the museion to protect them and the monks and a large Christian crowds, really a rabble, it would be equivalent to the old mob in the early Roman Empire. They stormed into these buildings smashing the statues, destroying the papyrus scrolls then the fighting spread across the city of Alexandria. Of course the Imperial army did nothing the population was maddened over the issue. They broke in carted off the cult statues to be melted down, they were turned into cookery, they were turned them into liturgical objects, for the use by Christians. Cult statues such as the great phallus of Priapus one of the famous fertility Gods was paraded around and cast into the streets as an absolutely disgusting idol Christians would have nothing to do with.

The result of this attack on the Serupium and museion was that classical Alexandria was essentially destroyed and Christian Alexandria emerged. Scholars and popular writers have viewed this destruction as a turning point, and there is a good reason to do so, the pagans that witnessed it, witnessed this destruction were absolutely intimidated and there are reports of conversions on the spot.

The Christian mob led by the monks destroyed these cult statues, nothing had happened. In addition the entire action although not ordered by the Imperial Government certainly the Emperor Theodosius I approved. And it is the climax to a series of legislation issued by Theodosius I who came to the throne in 379 AD who would forever ban the pagan sacrifices and also impose unity in the Imperial church.  .. The Christians finally destroyed the pagan sanctuaries, where essentially between 391-414 wiped out that elite class that provided the neo-platonic philosophers.”

The Fall of the Pagans and the Origins of Medieval Christianity, Professor Kenneth W. Harl

Did the Emperor supply a chain of directives to enable this Middle East derived monotheist religion of peace and love they neighbor as thyself to commit terror-genocide? What already existed in the ten commandments to enable such atrocities to occur?

'How to explain the latest terrorist attack in Bangladesh, etc?'='
How to explain the terrorist attack in Alexandria, etc?'

How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought? Wrong Question. First realise the 'Thought' is not their own it is their cultures.

Hillary Clinton by courtesy of Wiki leaks revealed just the opposite of the lie of Saudi Arabia the Islamic/Muslim culture of the good in secret cables.

"In a December 2009 cable, leaked by WikiLeaks in 2010, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed that Saudi Arabia remained a "critical financial base" for terrorism and that Riyadh "has taken only limited action" to stop the flow of funds to the Taliban and other such groups."

"..the kingdom's immense oil wealth has been used to underwrite the export of an extreme, intolerant and violent version of Islam preached by its Wahhabi clerics.

Go anywhere in the world--from Germany to Indonesia--and you'll find Islamic centers flush with Saudi money, spouting intolerance and hate. 

In 2007, Stuart Levey, then a top Treasury official, told ABC News, "If I could snap my fingers and cut off the funding from one country, it would be Saudi Arabia."

And as the Shia have the exact same codex as their source of the ‘right’ ethics-values-beliefs-motivation and methodology so it will inform the same Divine Vengeance. Is there a paper trail from 'Death to...' to the bloody bodies in the streets. There is a cultural codex trail from the burning buildings and broken bodies to the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex categorisation of Other. Saudi Arabia is guilty as charged and still the victims pile grows for the sake of a piece of paper.

"“No, I don’t see a coming together of the United States and Iran. Iran remains the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism,” Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said at a joint news conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry."
US aware of Iran mischief Saudi Gazette Jan 24, 2016

"No evidence of direct Islamic State link to Orlando shooting" = "no evidence of any such orders from the Ottoman authorities to Armenian Genocide" =."no evidence of any such orders from the Saudi Arabian authorities to 9/11 World Trade Center Twin Towers" = "No evidence of direct Islamic/Muslim cultural link to any atrocities as it is a culture of peace"

If the universe was constituted of completely unregulated events no relationship existed between any two or more entities or actions then the above is true. Whomever is in our political/social elite proposing such a state exists by determining the Islamic/Muslim culture is one of peace needs to be if necessary forced into another line of work.

A developing culture which contains diametrically opposed beliefs, ethics, values in relation to cultures in the same space will develop increasingly forceful mechanisms to prevent defection and achieve alignment, submission of Other to the cultures world view.

Each culture has differing developed methods of conversion of Other related directly to the degree the culture codex construct of Other differs from Others own True belief, the ‘right’ ethics values and informed behavior.

Each culture has differing developed constructs of the nature of Other related directly to the degree the cultures codex differs from Others own True beliefs, the ‘right’ ethics values and informed behavior to justify and authorise adherents utilization of the cultural methods to have Other convert and in some cases be eliminated.

For example both the Nazi codex and the Islamic codex values differ so much from the cultures around them they have developed genocide constructs of Other embodying both the cultures codified nature of Other as well as the methods of elimination. As clearly tools inherent in methods at particular times utilized to dispatch Other are not as effective these codex are necessarily analogized to suit purpose in time and space.

Have I sinned? What is a Genocide Construct of Other and Why it is formed?

Conversion of Other does not happen overnight such cultures with such diametrically opposed values to Other have to accommodate and reflect back Others values initially if the culture wishes to survive even to the extent of proclaiming their allegiance to the existing Other currently in control of political power. Proclaiming they are no threat and in fact publically support the Other cultures right to hold opposing values to their own.

Islam is the only culture I am aware of which has actually recorded in its Islamic codex justification and authorisation of deception/lying as to the Islamic/Muslims cultures true intent regards Other though at least in this regard the Islamic/Muslims culture are being honest regards such a necessity for cultural survival at least with themselves - it would appear in codifying such duplicity the Islamic/Muslims culture did not recognise the fact Other are not so 'deaf, dumb and blind' they cannot realise intuitively from what has happened to Other elsewhere in time and space nor the fact Other can read about their fate and the duplicity in the Islamic/Muslims cultures codex. Lying (Taqiyya and Kitman)

What is the reality? Ask the Roman/Greek Byzantines. Ask the Jews in Egypt in the seventh-eight centuries AD. Ask the German people in the 1930s. Ask the Iranian people in 1979 particularly the women. Ask the US citizen in the 1860s. Ask the Turkish people in 2001…..

"Khomeini nonetheless reassured his liberal revolutionary compatriots — just months before the revolution, while in Paris exile — that “women [would be] free in the Islamic Republic in the selection of their activities and their future and their clothing.” Much to its retrospective dismay, a sizable chunk of Iran’s liberal intelligentsia — both male and female — lined up behind Khomeini, some even referring to him as an “Iranian Gandhi.” Shortly after consolidating power, however, Khomeini and his disciples swiftly moved to crush opposing views and curtail female social and sartorial freedoms. “Islam doesn’t allow for people to [wear swimsuits] in the sea,” he proclaimed shortly after becoming supreme leader. We “will skin their hide!”

Women who resisted the mandatory veil were met with violence and intimidation, including lyrical taunts of “Ya roosari, ya toosari!” (“Cover your head or be smacked in the head!”). As Iranian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi recently wrote, “Although the 1979 revolution in Iran is often called an Islamic revolution, it can actually be said to be a revolution of men against women.… The drafters of [the Islamic Penal Code] had effectively taken us back 1,400 years.”

The Ayatollah Under the Bed(sheets) In the Islamic Republic of Iran, all politics may not be sexual, but all sex is political. BY KARIM SADJADPOUR APRIL 23, 2012

It is therefore a terrible mistake to interpret cultural terror at specific points in time and space as "not part of some master plan, just one man (group) with no agenda other than to get attention!!" be it in the streets of Sydney, France, Britain, US, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, … as being ideologically disconnected events not at all associated with a culture seeking control of the political space to amend or delete Others beliefs, ethics and values not only in the space the action occurred but elsewhere as well.

Research has found this Islamic method in resolving the intransigence of Other to submit to Islamic values, as well as the call to utilise the method has not changed since the seventh century. The reason for the utilization of the Islamic method from the beginning as it is now is because Islamic/Muslim cultural values have been found by research to be significantly different than Western values.

The assumption and encouraged to be accepted as a multicultural derived truth is Islamic/Muslim values are in essence the same as Western values they are not, some Other are simply taking the 'moderate' end of the Islamic/Muslim cultural behavioral spectrum which is to a greater degree reflecting back their own cultural values at face value and calling it 'Is Islam' where really it is in the main in value terms 'Is Other' completely ignoring the rest of the Islamic/Muslim behavioral variance, very comforting and fits with the multicultural 'rational' but a very dangerous thing to do with a culture whose codex contains a genocide construct of Other.

In fact most people arrogantly simply assume their cultural category definitions are the same and may and clearly have in the Muslim Sydney Cafe killing of two Other accepted the multicultural and Islamic/Muslim cultures story line significant behavioral deviations from Others norm as insanity without question. Arrogantly because most cultures believe their definition of course is the universal standard and the benefits so obvious how could it not be. Empires, cultures have disappeared because of such arrogance. If the cultural values where more alike than not there would be no Muslim terror in the streets as there would be no disagreements as to the values which should exist there.

"The findings of the study indicate that citizens (Hofstede and Hofstede (2005)) of Islamic countries share similar cultural values that vary significantly with those of the Western countries."
Conceptualizing the Islamic Personality Model, Abdul Kadir Othman, Muhammad Iskandar Hamzah, Nurhazirah Hashim, Faculty of Business Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, 42300 Puncak Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

The key question which our inept cultural gatekeepers are going to have to confront - Does the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex (textual and exemplar (messianic) template) enable in time the Islamic/Muslim cultural acceptance of the values which frame our Western method of Governance Democracy. Research has found although questions are asked across cultures as to this question the answers are in fact similar proportionally across all cultures despite some of these cultures in the main existing under authoritarian non-democratic constructs, particularly in Islamic culture areas, once the answers are qualified to account for 'reality' there has been found to be a significant difference between the initial response and the qualified response between actual Islamic and Western Cultures desire for Democracy.

The most pertinent data on the responses on Democracy and the subsequent qualification for me also underlines the disconnect proportionally from what an individual under an Islamic politic may desire or actually believe they exist in and the reality the social construct within which they exist delivers. For me this is further proof the so called 'moderates' reflecting Others ethics as to Liberty and equality simply are not as claimed the 'Is Islam' the Islamic society they inhabit  in the endgame bares no resemblance to a Western Democracy and the values which underpin it.

Those who propose if Christianity can be brought into a harmonious, although bloody fought for secular religious agreement of sorts that such a thing is possible in time with Islam for me ignores the fact inherent in Christian doctrine were factors which enabled the notion of human liberty and the secular religious divide to exist in such a way Democracy came into being, whereas these same factors do not exist as far as I can tell in the Islamic codex construct. The individual Muslim is not able on their own to determine what the Islamic codex means and live apart from the Muslim community, there is no give to caesar, the State what is due to the State and to God what is due to God, the template for the secular religious divide.

Islam is the State, The UK Government sending a letter to the Muslim Imams is based upon a Western Construct Caesar-Church these Muslim Imams according to the Islamic codex are government, Caesars in waiting what the UK Government is asking is simply not going to be met because in proclaiming from the Mosque minbar (pulpit) "demonstrating how faith in Islam can be part of British identity" these Imams contradict their own Islamic codex, Islam is not part of anything other than of and in itself, Imams would immediately in following such an Other directive destroy the very Islamic construct which determines these Imams are the authority and not subject to Others direction.

It is no surprise to me such a letter the UK Government sent however rational from an Other perspective as the Muslim terrorists are actually coming out of these Imams institutions is seen as an attack on Islam which in essence it is a Other State censure - it would therefore not surprise me if this letter 'provokes' violence. It is another example of how 'freedom'/'Democracy' when qualified for 'reality' have significantly different meanings. One just has to reflect on those shouting exactly the same words in the streets in the Arab so called spring they ended up being diametrically opposed in meaning particularly for women.

It has got to be honestly faced there is a choice here as there was with slavery in the US when there were significant difference in values between North and South as Lincoln said in time one or other of these values will take the space - the West has to choose. It is no longer a matter of being able to have both Muslim values and Western values within the same space - terror will and is the result and it will only get worse and come from both directions as some Other citizens see terror and the fear which is derived from it actually works as a Denmark publishing house stated when it refused to reprint Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

If the inept Western cultural gatekeepers do not change their 'Only the Few/'Moderate'/'Not Islam' policy paradigm with the incremental caving into Islamic/Muslim cultures demands for Western definitions of Free Speech, liberty and equality to align with the Islamic/Muslim cultural definitions otherwise the Islamic/Muslim culture will be 'provoked' to violence, terror in Western streets, a state which is manifestly obvious to their own citizens, the West will increasingly experience their own version of John Brown in response to the betrayal as violence appears to be the only mechanism which focuses the current inept Western cultural gatekeepers attention.

To determine such terrorism which is from both directions and in my opinion destined to worsen therefore in our Western streets and elsewhere are singular criminal acts not cultural acts is in essence a lie.

What are those values being fought for and against:

one is the construct of woman's place in society, i.e. being subject to mans 'leadership' and women's sexuality perceived as problematic and subject to Muslim mans sexual demand.

What is clearly not appreciated is the Islamic categorisation of women as subject particularly determining sexuality of women being problematic under an Islamic construct and being mere vessels of Muslim mans sexual satisfaction, I believe through Dyadic Data Analysis, the connection and force of the Islamic words-idea of women, if someone cares to take the time, would clearly show leads irrevocably to analogistic interpretation in reality from genital mutilation, confinement to space, enforcement via violence, restrictions on control and means of movement inclusive of driving cars, to the burka.

All these I believe will be shown to be connected to the oppressive Islamic construct of women so accepting one construct as a 'good' such as the burka you are accepting the same Islamic values which drive the other outcomes for women not just Muslim women. One should take particular note of Nicole Gelinas comment below.

“To make one exception means to make them all.”
Blaming the Victim: Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech By Nicole Gelinas, January 18, 2015 New York Post

Such social constructs will be applied to Other when political space is controlled by the Islamic/Muslim construct. Why? It is the same reason Islamic/Muslim terror exists because in my view the cognitive dissonance generated from the underlying values between the Western and Islamic construct of women are reflected in space, one informs relative freedom agency the other relative subjugation absence of agency equilibrium will be sought where attention cannot be overtly drawn to the iniquitous nature of the construct  - it is anything other than 'free' as the underlying construct which informs each outcome are based on oppressive constructs.

"TWO female teachers from the Islamic College of South Australia have gone to court to fight against being unfairly dismissed based, in part, on their attire being considered inappropriate.
The teachers were sacked last year by the West Croydon school, which issued a warning to all female teachers - Muslim and non-Muslim - to wear a hijab head scarf or face the sack."

Furious debate as teachers at Islamic College of SA's West Croydon campus ordered to wear hijab or face sack INVESTIGATIONS EDITOR BRYAN LITTLELY ADELAIDENOW FEBRUARY 13, 2013

the other is the positionality of Other in an Islamic/Muslim cultural schema, as to the inherent nature of Other and the exclusionary and subject existence Other is to suffer within the Islamic/Muslim cultural politic as and when it is able to be fully realised. As we see Other are not going to be placed there without being forced to do so which is why force (violence fear) is necessarily the Islamic/Muslim method of forcing Other to align or be removed. It is a terrible mistake to believe Hizb ut-Tahrir are in essence composed of 'insane' persons and are of little threat what you see as irrational behavior is because you were framed under a different cultural 'rational' model. The fact Hizb ut-Tahrir can exist at all informs a truth the justification and authorization for their existence as a Islamic/Muslim construct must reside in the Islamic/Muslim codex which is the same word-categorisation-value source for the Muslim 'liberal-moderate' reflecting in part diminishingly Other values. You cannot have one without the other.

Islamist Group Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia Calls For Army To Replace Government With 'Islamic Caliphate' By  Reissa Su on January 20 2015

The Methodology of Hizb ut-Tahrir For Making Change

Hizb ut-Tahrir's Objective

thirdly, importantly the method of Islamic/Cultural enforcement the 'victim' is 'responsible' not to provoke 'grievous harm' or 'severest penalty' by challenging the codex (text and exemplar (messianic) templates) or the inherent hierarchy authority of Man the codex informs over women justifying violent behavior in response.

Nursery Rhymes on Cultures Knee - Western Version: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Islamic Version: Words, images, body language will ‘provoke’ me to break your bones with swords and guns and I will certainly hurt you.

At its core there is an attempt by the Islamic/Muslim culture to force the West back to a very dark place:

A war is currently occurring in Western Public Squares for the retention of the Western scientific method of “Duty to Doubt” Be doubtful, Be skeptical, Be critical, against the increasing imposition of the Tyranny method of “Duty to Certainty” Be certain, Be compliant, Be silent, assisted in major part by our very own Western inept cultural gatekeepers.

These Western inept cultural gatekeepers with their Only the ‘Few’/’moderate’/’Not Islam’ policy paradigm have to be removed and quickly.

Each act of terror and invariably sametime political actions of demanding adherence to the attacking cultures values underwritten by the fear the culture has itself enabled are cumulative in their impact and cannot be seen as emanating from the 'evil' - Not Culture as opposed to the 'good' Is Culture. As the cultural codex which forms both is exactly the same which is why you see the worst of humanity emanating from the very Islamic/Muslim families, communities and institutions which set the benchmarks of beliefs, ethics values and boundaries of behavior claiming to be only interested in peace and harmony with Other.

At last at least one Western Government is coming to realise the awful reality a cultural genocide construct exists in the Public Square and it is clearly linked to the Imams, heads of Mosques, the cultural altruistic enforcers. The UK Government is realising the Mosques are not benign nor apart from enabling terror mental schemas to be created via the benchmarking of beliefs, ethics and value within the Muslim communities and their enforcement.

"they had a duty to do more to fight extremism" Why is this demand extremely important and could be the policy tipping point those of us who know the Only the 'Few'/'Moderate'/'Not Islam' policy paradigm was doomed to failure

Some of the culture might even believe as individuals they are "interested in peace and harmony with Other." but individuals are not cultures, and given the cultural terror exists it is a baseless claim as it has been from the beginning because in such a genocide construct when push comes to shove the so called 'moderates' in the Islamic/Muslim cultures behavioral variance wearing 'I Love Other' T-Shirts cannot take on the rolls of cultural altruistic enforcers because the cultural codex does not give the 'moderate' justification nor authority to be a cultural altruistic enforcer but the radicals do.

If one wants proof of this investigate the report on what happened in the Birmingham schools in the UK when the radical Islamists within the Islamic/Muslim behavioral variance took control - did the 'moderate' more importantly could the 'moderate' have ultimate control of the Islamic/Muslim cultures ethical direction?

No it did not, therefore throwing hope and good scarce resources after bad at the 'moderate' end of the Muslim behavioral variance, actually paying 'moderates' who are not even given the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex justification and authorisation to be cultural altruistic enforcers is not only a waste of hope and resources it is downright dangerous to Other.

The policy paradigm of Only the 'Few'/'moderate'/Not Islam has to be turned on its head before the journey on the long road to a Western Islamic terror free Public Square can commence. It will not be a journey without its perils and tragic days but at least there is a real justified hope peace and harmony will be restored and we can once again sit in our cafes safe in the knowledge we will not be murdered because we are Other.

Those in the ABC and SBS who seek to legitimise the notion of the Islamic/Muslim culture being 'provoked' .. had better start realising as with a bullying child they are legitimising the Islamic/Muslim behaviour terror against Other.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Those in the ABC and SBS who seek to legitimise the notion of the Islamic/Muslim culture being 'provoked' .. had better start realising as with a bullying child they are legitimising the Islamic/Muslim behaviour terror against Other.

There are much worse images through time and space than the above predicated upon the construct of 'provoked' yet we pander to this culture of death which is Islam by legitimising such actions through legislation and notions being 'provoked' is 'understandable'.

What is not being questioned here is why does a culture secular or religious require a cultural codex which informs a mental schema of 'provocation' which informs violent response? Nobody that I can see is asking why is it there in the first place? We are simply accepting such a construct is valid, given history I believe this is a very dangerous assumption to make.

Importantly when one reflects the logic, the violence tied inextricably to such a cultural construct of 'provocation' will be found elsewhere to enforce internal and external compliance via fear of Other, to gender constructs and obligations to ritual (reinforcement alignment) and codex stipulated behavior, regards the Islamic/Muslim culture womens demeanour and action against Other jihad etc.

Why 'will be' not 'maybe' found elsewhere as a cultural control and enforcement mechanism? It is because once such a construct of 'provocation' to violence determined as rightfully triggered by Others (women's), the victims, lack of 'responsible' behavior cannot be contradicted elsewhere as it would create severe cognitive dissonance on the part of the adherents as the ethical, value difference of no violence is justified against that of violence is justified are clearly diametrically opposed as was the slave-not slave in the US Public Square in the 1800s. So this construct of 'provocation' to violence underwrites the Muslim adherence internal and alignment of Other through fear. You really think it is wise to support at any point a notion of being 'responsible' regards such a culture which utilises such inherent violence?

The shadows define us be it individual or culture we must therefore not take subjective derived portraits, particularly self-portraits at face-value.

It is my perception a war is currently occurring in Western Public Squares for the retention of the Western scientific method of “Duty to Doubt” Be doubtful, Be sceptical, Be critical, against the increasing imposition of the Religious method of “Duty to Certainty” Be certain, Be compliant, Be silent, assisted in major part by our very own Western inept cultural gatekeepers.

The West spent centuries and many lives removing the “Duty of Certainty” from our Public Squares and here we are again.

I am afraid of what this will inform in major part for woman's place in society. Sensitivity to such constructs for me in showing of half the image of the new Charlie Hebdo's front page by the ABC reinforces the notion the attack, the killing of innocents was in part half justified this if carried forward is the death knell of the Western developed definition of freedom particularly for women - half free determines what?

"Now even the Pope says he would PUNCH someone who insulted his mother as he says there are 'limits to freedom of speech' following Charlie Hebdo attack"

Are any Western policy makers and particularly women journalists realising what this return to the paradigm of justified violence derived from the provocation and the subsequent victim being 'responsible' for incitement means for women in particular. Psychology would deem it is simply impossible to quarantine the logic of a mental schema justifying one form of behavior from another.

Start to think below the surface. Why is a mental schema of determining the victim 'responsible' for provocation of another person to violence ever required? Could it be an iniquitous construct and/or unsubstantiated logic exists for a belief informing negative outcomes for Other (inclusive of women)?

The notion of Islamic 'provocation' justifying and authorising violence, blaming the violence against the victim for not acting 'responsibly' is utilised to justify what else in the Islamic/Muslim culture? To say this is not the 'real' Islam or is not Islam at all as Obama is now stating what I ask is the categorisation in terms of the authority hierarchy of DR Abd Al-Aziz?

Let us examine the potential veracity of such statements of denial of attribution of a cultures creation of terror either by Other who take the culture adherents leaders word as valid despite the missing, burning buildings and broken bodies and lives.

'Let’s call them what they are,' Obama's spokesman said on Tuesday. 'These terrorists are individuals who would like to cloak themselves in the veil of a particular religion. 
'But based on the fact that the religious leaders of that religion have roundly condemned their actions, those religious leaders have indicated that their actions are entirely inconsistent with Islam,' he said.
Religion that dare not speak its name: British PM warns of global 'Islamist extremist terrorist threat' while America's president still won't mention Islam

“the Germans (inclusive of the Nazi) that great unified people are looking for peace and see friendship with Britain as a basis for peace not only for themselves but for everyone else”. Norman Hillson “I speak of Germany”, London 1937

Tanzpalast Eden Trial: On November 22, 1930, an SA Rollkommando attacked a popular dance hall frequented predominantly by left-wing workers. The victims were members of a migrant workers' association that was holding a meeting at the Tanzpalast Eden ("Eden Dance Palace") in Berlin. Three people were killed and 20 injured in an attack that was planned in advance.)” Hans Litten: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hans Achim Litten in cross-examined Hitler 1931 in a court case involving two workers stabbed by four Brownshirts (paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party). Litten understood clearly in his interrogation words and sentences are not written in foundation codex for no reason they are to inform ethics driving actions of adherents.

Excerpts from the trial[edit]Litten: (...) Did you know that in the circles of the SA there is talk of a special rollkommando?

Hitler: I haven't heard anything about a rollkommando. (...)

Litten: You said that there will be no violent acts on the part of the National Socialist Party. Didn't Goebbels create the slogan, "one must pound the adversary to a pulp?"

Hitler: This is to be understood as "one must dispatch and destroy opposing organizations". (...)

(The presiding judge read a question formulated by Litten): Did Hitler, as he named Goebbels Reich Minister of Propaganda, know of the passage from his book, where Goebbels declares that fear of the coup d'├ętat cannot be permitted, that parliament should be blown up and the government hunted to hell and where the call to revolution was made again, letter-spaced?

Hitler: I can no longer testify under oath, if I knew Goebbels' book at the time. The theme (...) is absolutely of no account to the Party, as the booklet doesn't bear the Party emblem and is also not officially sanctioned by the Party. (...)

Obama and those who support his view firstly need to explain if Not-Islam given the following is true as social psychology determines "Cultures justify and authorise terror the individual adherent 'few' as individuals and in groups deliver it." which culture is informing the terrorists behavior given terrorism is a political act necessarily requiring a culture to frame such behavior?

Importantly has Obama and those who support his view found the 'theme' of justification and authorisation for the terror against Other 'is absolutely of no account to the Party (Islam) , as the booklet (Quran) doesn't bear the Party (Islamic) emblem and is also not officially sanctioned by the Party (Islamic/Muslim culture). (...)'?

Is there nowhere in the Islamic text, in particular the core Islamic textual codex the Quran where justification and authorisation for the murder of Other exists to enable the terror against Other to occur and determines the claims by "these religious leaders" "no violent acts on the part of the National Socialist Party (Islamic/Muslim culture) it is Not-Islam as valid?

Lets check:
Have I sinned? What is a Genocide Construct of Other and Why it is formed?

You really want to introduce into the Western Public Squares the victim is 'responsible' for the violence committed against them? Where previously Western culture accepted as a norm perceived provocation from whatever source and of whatever content is no excuse for violence. Think what reintroducing the 'victim' has to act 'responsibly' or they (generally women and now with the Muslim culture Other as well) deserve what they get.

Where are the feminists of the 1960s when you need them - this a Man construct to protect Mans institutions and power.

Those in the ABC and SBS who seek to legitimise the notion of the Islamic/Muslim culture being 'provoked' via their own views and those they selectively choose to interview determining the media need to be 'responsible' had better start realising as with a bullying child they are legitimising the Islamic/Muslim behaviour terror against Other.

The fact is this ability of the Islamic/Muslim culture to be able to derive a mental schema of culturally perceived 'provocation' to justify and authorise violence is there for a reason and it is because violence is needed to align Muslim adherents to Muslim norms particularly women to iniquitous constructs of being subject to Muslim Mans 'leadership' and Other via the Muslim codex being determined as less evil etc. and therefore able to be excluded politically and even physically by expulsion or murder clearly requires the legitimisation of a construct of 'provocation' to excuse Islamic/Muslim violent behavior which is clearly necessary for reason, Western derived reason, will not suffice to convince Other such outcomes are in their interests.

Underwriting such behavior, excusing it, via legislation against insulting a culture, hurting a cultures feelings as can be seen in Pakistan simply legitimises even the police killing of those accused of causing offence.

It would be wise for our Western inept cultural gatekeepers to reflect on a free speech construct which was deemed to be absolutely necessary in a Democracy when in the past as now two diametrically opposed values regards 'freedom' existed in the same Public Square.

"It was one of Lincoln’s ways of working out his chief value to the country, and that value was his clear sense from the start it was our democratic scheme that was at stake, and that if it was to be saved, every citizen who could aid must help to give all that was in them.

Lincoln seems to have put it something like this to himself:

Everybody in the country has had a part in bringing this thing about; everybody feels they have a right to say how things shall be handled; everybody that is worth their salt is going to exercise that right, and they are going to do it according to the kind of person they are – according to their temperament, their training, their self-control, their meanness, and their goodness. If we are going to put this thing through and prove that citizens can govern themselves, we must get from them what they can give, and we must let them give it in their own way.”
Source: The Life of Lincoln, Tachell

Stephen Fry put it this way:

Stephen Fry on Charlie Hebdo

I put it this way:

The Right to misjudge and be misjudged, the Right to insult and be insulted, the Right to abuse and be abused, the Right to sneer and be sneered at these Rights are the foundation stones of a true Democracy remove them and theocratic or secular tyranny of a single thought will be their replacement.

The same act of ABC half folding determining Western media 'responsibility' for provocation sends what message to Saudi Arabia regards another media person Saudi blogger Raif Badawi determined under the Islamic construct as 'responsible' for provoking 1000 lashes? This is not a construct which once agreed to saves you from harm for is half still enough for such a construct? You cannot be half free and half slave.

ony Abbott open to revisiting Bolt laws, but rejects immediate changes in light of Charlie Hebdo by Latika Bourke SMH January 14, 2015

Rather than Abbott waiting to remove the legislative legitimisation of Islamic/Muslim right to be 'provoked' Abbott needs to move immediately to do so for such an act of reticence culpably continues to say 'Islamic/Muslim' terror is if not acceptable from a Western perspective it is understandable given the 'Islamic/Muslim construct of 'provocation' which legitimises Islamic/Muslim cultures violent reaction.

Rewarding a violent petulant child or culture for their behavior which this legislation and support for the notion ‘the Islamic/Muslim culture has been understandably ‘provoked’ has the exact same result.

True Democracy: The Right to misjudge and be misjudged, the Right to insult and be insulted, the Right to abuse and be abused....

Friday, January 9, 2015

Enough, is Enough! A CHARLIE HEBDO T-Shirt Design for every occasion.

The Only the 'Few'/'Moderate'/'Not Islam' policy paradigm has failed as it was destined to as Cultures justify and authorise terror the individual adherent 'Few' as individuals or in groups deliver it.

The 'Few' will increasingly keep coming to create mayhem as the culture is allowed to continue to flourish in the Public Square. The 'Few' are products of the cultural codex the codex changes or nothing changes..

Freedom of Religion has failed to deliver what its proponents promised inter-cultural harmony and security.

A new paradigm is required to provide protection for the vulnerable, inter-cultural-harmony, and security to Western Streets.

"No Victim is the Price of a Cultures Admittance to the Public Square."

Our behavior is driven by the models, and schema - cultural 'rational' model our culture imposes upon us - if anyone are determined as less and subject be they women, children or Other to the dictates of Man and his ethical constructs via religious or secular codex such a codex must not be allowed to enter the Public Square to inform as it must evil.

The source of ethical constructs which drive systemic behavior come from our codex playing with symptoms derived from such codex and not removing the codex constructs of women, children and Other which enable such evil to occur will change nothing.

Those citizens who put forward the view the impact of the Muslim 'few' is overblown now have nowhere to hide.

Is the loss of just a single child and the unfathomable grief it tragically brings to a mother, to a father, to a sister, to a brother, to a nation, worth 'managing' a cultures terror in our Public Square to enable terror to escalate rather than confronting it and holding to account the cultures 'many' responsible for the 'few' continually being derived from their families, communities, educational and religious institutions?

If such families, communities, educational and religious institutions were really adherents of a cultural codex of peace there would be no terror, no codex construct of Other able to form mental schema of hate, bigotry to be analogized into reality to chase down our children in school yards, to chase down our children in university dormitories to be mercilessly murdered.

Is the loss of just a single child worth having such a culture in our Public Square?

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other. The radicalisation that breeds terrorism is not conducted in the bush at night. It occurs in the full glare of day in homes, in madrasas and in mosques with rogue imams. We must ask the question — where are the parents and families ( communities, education and religious institutions) of those who are being radicalized?" said Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya's president "Our task of countering terrorism has been made all the more difficult by the fact that the planners and financiers of this brutality are deeply embedded in our communities,"

"A Garissa-based official said the government was aware Abdullahi, a former University of Nairobi law student, had joined the militant group al Shabaab after graduating in 2013."
Kenya says son of a government official was among gunmen in Garissa attack 
by EDITH HONAN GARISSA, Kenya — Reuters Published Sunday, Apr. 05 2015

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other." - Change the Architect and Builder or Change Nothing.

Have I sinned? What is a Genocide Construct of Other and Why it is formed?