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Reflections on why Australian Defense as well as reflected domestic social policy is dangerous fairy-floss delusion

“.one lesson I have learned (Commander of the United Nations Cambodia) is that we have many more similarities across cultural boundaries than is at first obvious.” …” “..possible to foresee the day when young people in their country had more in common with people of the same generation across international boundaries than they had with older generations in their own nation.” .. “..it offers the hope for the generation of common understanding as a basis for international action in response to global problems, whether they be economic, sociological or environmental.”

Source: Lt Gen John Sanderson Defense in the 21st Century, The Future Battlefield, Deakin University Press in association with the Directorate of Army Research and Analysis.

The above reflects very dangerous false naive assumptions on various grounds.

Firstly it assumes unlimited resources from a Western nation/cultural perspective of a nation/culture that ‘Has’ as opposed to nation/culture that ‘Has not’, economic and political power.

Secondly it falsely assumes a common definition of Freedom from a Western nation/cultural perspective.

Thirdly and most importantly foundation cultural codex (textual and exemplar) of Non-Western ideologies will succumb to the rational superiority of a Western nation/cultural perspective because it is all so obvious.

Fourthy the assumption ignores the reality commonality of ethics and diminished conflict between cultures is only really possible at level 1 of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need after which cultural textual, exemplar codex and the charred buildings, broken bodies and lives alas show the reality all so clearly.

Pick up any of the major religious text, some do not even pretend even level 1 of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need is an excuse to come to a 'common understanding'.

Lt General John Sanders experience in Cambodia is reflective of this agreement as to ethical values at level 1 “we have many more similarities across cultural boundaries than is at first obvious.” because this is the level 1 of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need at which all the 34 nation coalition are able to agree on cooperation, as with natural catastrophes. Other areas of cooperation at level 1 the international work on Climate protection, Communicable diseases, etc. these relate to physical survival , the next breath there are very few impediments to a "common understanding" without prejudice of cross cultural acceptance even regards in the main Other - except for the most heinous of cultural codex constructs of Other.

Lt General John Sanders experience in Cambodia should have also taught him it is extremely dangerous for any person, group culture or nation to assume cooperation/compromise above level 1 is at all possible – It beggars belief Lt General John Sanders seeing the pile upon pile of Cambodian human remains did not understand why he was actually in Cambodia.

Fifthly the assumption ignores cultural codex (textual and exemplar) perceptions of cultural developing and developed historical grievance which lie dormant as to action until the ability economic, military, and political enable these grievances to reemerge generally in realignment/throwing off of ethical blockers to such actions as we saw in the merging of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian State. This in itself proves Lt General John Sanders clearly fails to understand in time and space cultural codex rules the nature of communication not the reverse.

Sixth it ignores the fact any number of so called moderates in any cultural construct are going to be impacted disproportionately by the existence of extremists within any cultural behavioral variance. How many persons Lt General John Sanders does it take to move a cultural ethical mean in terms of the actual outcome it informs and not what it’s so called moderates says it informs?

Tony Abbott and the Australian Defense policy establishment given the proposal for joint exercises with China believe erroneously if we all hold hands and prance around the camp fire everything will be fine.

Unless the Defense Force policy elite at least consider the above Australia and others utilizing the exact same rational, cups of tea with adherents of “power comes out of the barrel of a gun” and/or codex containing genocidal constructs be they determined as moderates or extremists will lead to a “common understanding”, Western Democracies are in deep trouble.

Lt General John Sanders as well as others should review the US analysis of the road to World War II and why the US determined the US should have been in a position militarily to remove Japan from Manchuria when Japan invaded that country. Why do you think the US did not go back into its pre-war shell?

Yes hitting the wrong target is a tragedy but history shows any excuse not to act against tyranny for fear of offending or mistakenly hitting the wrong target is an absurdity. If humanity lived in a completely different world where we all wore the same cloths and were able to read without cultural censure the same information on life and everything - Other simply did not exist such rational would be quite alright but we do not.

Lt General John Sanders should have read more widely of those throughout history who scanned the horizon for Other to save them from what were clearly oppressive constructs upon the understanding they would be willing to lose their lives in the process if it meant others would be saved. They were prepared to accept mistakes happen particularly in war. Their voices millions of them sacrificed to any excuse it appears to do nothing.

Whomever owns the societal educational codex space, in time will own the society. - Inquiry into Muslim infiltration claims extends to 25 schools

Inquiry into Muslim infiltration claims extends to 25 schools By John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor 7:16PM BST 14 Apr 2014

Cultural Foundation Codex (genetic, (con) textual authority and exemplar (messianic) templates)=Ethics=Ideas= Motivation=Consistent Cultural/Adherent Behavioral Variance('spectrum')=Cultural Action For and Against Other.

What is seen as extremist today becomes the norm tomorrow, Democracy takes on a new meaning as in Iran, Freedom in theocratic chains, preceded by terror and major schism.

You have a culture which adheres to a genocide construct and you expect something different.

There are more moderates than extremists - there always are.

"Communities (cultures) tend to be guided less than individuals by conscience and a sense of responsibility. How much misery does this fact cause mankind! It is the source of wars and every kind of oppression, which fill the earth with pain, sighs and bitterness." (Albert Einstein, 1934)

Change the Architect and Builder or Change Nothing.

"Dr Chris Allen, an expert in Islamophobia from Birmingham University, " How can you be an expert on something that does not exist? Rational fear of Other in Nigeria a phobia? Rational fear of Other in Indonesia a phobia? Rational fear of Other in security services around the world a phobia? How many more Muslim victims today - none? Rational fear of education system being utilised to preach the Islamic genocide construct of Other to British school children a phobia?

‘Not Islam’. It is just not going to stand up to any reasonable evaluation as increasingly the broken bodies and lives keep rolling in.

Whomever owns the societal educational codex space, in time will own the society.

"illegitimate interest" - Fascist Tag-Team Reemerges - Russia and China in 2014 as humanity had in the 1930s-1940s with Germany and Japan

China calls for calm, restraint in Ukraine English.news.cn   2014-04-14 18:23:19

"China urged all sides in Ukraine to fully consider the legitimate interests and concerns of all regions and all ethnic groups, and seek a way out through political dialogue"

Tibet, Taiwan, South China Sea, Vietnamese, Indian border, ....., Philippines, .... etc- No use of military force or threat of?

Here we have the usual European Asian fascist tag team Russia and China in 2014 as humanity had in the 1930s-1940s with Germany and Japan.

The result will be the same, the West can no longer depend given the potential devastation involved in biological and nuclear warfare to survive the First Strike. A nuclear strike against the US China via its media has already defined to generate fear as such fascist do to bully their way through life.

Tony Abbott proclaiming Australian and allies joint military exercises with China an effort to promote peace is simply going to give a definite military adversary in war an advantage it spends millions in espionage and time to achieve - access to communication, control, and strategy data. 

It is exactly the same as China offering in the 1930's to have joint exercises with Japan after they invaded Manchuria or Poland with Germany poised on its border - bloody insanity. Sharpening the skills and advantage of a declared military enemy who has clearly threatened an ally with a nuclear strike if the US does not toe the fascist line and is acting with military belligerence elsewhere against other allies is not a 'good'.

Rewarding such behavior for short term political kudos is sickening. How is gold going to prevent a Chinese cruise missile coming through your window, the fact is it is made from material for which you reaped in time and space a brief reward makes it less onerous?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

RAPE WITH CONSENT - THE ISLAMIC WAY: “If rape happens with or without consent, it should be punished as prescribed in Islam”

Mulayam Singh Yadav has stated that he would abolish the new law which handed death sentences to repeat rape offenders
"Socialist Party’s Maharashtra unit chief, Abu Azmi, who said that women who have sex outside marriage should be punished by death, even if they are raped.

If rape happens with or without consent, it should be punished as prescribed in Islam”, Mr Azmi told the Mid-Day website., Mr Azmi told the Mid-Day website.

"Boys will be boys. Following a girl-boy fight, the girl complains she was raped," he (Mulayam Singh Yadav, the head of India’s Socialist (Samajwadi) Party) said."
"Women who have sex before marriage should be hanged, says senior politician in India's Socialist Party" By Harry Alsop 4:51PM BST 12 Apr 2014 The Telegraph

"The Secretary General of Jordan's Labour Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan" Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood calls on the UK to end its investigation into the group's activities
Friday, 11 April 2014 12:11

They call it Socialism in India and the Labour Party in Jordan it is called theocratic tyranny particularly against women in the 'real' world. The Left have joined the destroyers of the independence of Other inclusive of women and call it Freedom. Allowing the Lefts Ideological names to be hijacked without a mummer. What happens a genocide construct rises within the political vacuum to counter the Islamic genocide against Other as we are seeing in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 'Democratic' with Islam in the Public Square it becomes a very dangerous charade.

Only a cultural misogynistic insane ethical construct of women would be able to enable such statements regards rape to be made at such a high political level - in Jordan honor killings continue to occur without judicial check.

Democracy is clearly being used in India as a means to an end and not an end in itself, as with Turkey as with India 'real' Democracy is being thrown into the waste bin of history.

"Most Muslims do not agree." stopped these Men from achieving such high political positions?

The fact that Islam enables such a Muslim behavioral variance which includes the statements above, inclusive of those of women not dressing appropriately being accused of causing human catastrophe means so called moderate adherents by continuing to be such cause what to occur with the next generation, the next .....

Change the Architect and Builder or Nothing Changes.

How do you go about it. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child...

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We were never alone. Being a Bird Brain has just become a compliment.


We were never alone. Being a Bird Brain has just become a compliment.

This video reveals an inconvenient truth for a majority of human beings on this earth, humans determination they are the chosen 'one' and the rest of life is there for humans mere convenience to do with as they wish is void in this one act of our fellow aspiring bobsledder.

Human beings, particularly self-serving Man, are NOT special, created first unequal to the rest of life on this planet or anywhere else, to assume so or believe so is a sign of true ignorance.

This ignorance is the cause of untold pain and terror for Other be it fellow humans or fellow creatures, for this ignorance underwrites the justifications of acts against Other as well as apathy for their plight on earth. Think.

You want proof? Here it is in this one act of pure frivolity and simple joy of life.

How do you go about it. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Egyptian journalists strike, demanding protection" - Wake Up and Smell the Genocide Construct of Other.

"Egyptian journalists strike, demanding protection" April 4 The Associated Press

Wake Up and Smell the Genocide Construct of Other.

Demanding a Society which bases its core ethics upon an Islamic cultural codex of Tranquility of Silence bend to the demands of a Western notion of Freedom of communication of ideas is the same as sitting on a throne on the sea shore and demanding the tide ceases, it is pure insanity.

The image associated with this article truly represents the existence of a cultural behavioral variance inclusive of both the so called moderates and extremists which a cultural codex always informs. The same Islamic ethics drive each side until this stops no one, no one, journalist or otherwise in time and space will be safe.

There is no such thing as a 'distinct Islamic ideology' it is an excuse to do nothing to save ourselves for the sake of an Western elite ego. They made a rational and logical mistake that cultural relativism and freedom of religion will bring societal security, they simply will not face the truth both have failed to deliver what they promised and prefer to as all such persons blame the destruction happening and to come on someone else - anyone will do.

For each in turn given the Islamic construct of Other can be and are as they have been since the seventh century be determined as Other and therefore justifiably destined for 'grievous harm' or 'severest penalty'.

Look at what is happening in so called Democratic Turkey has there not been a diminished Freedom of Communication - do you really think such societal pressure will not grow in your own Western Democracies as Islam seeks to assert its 'true' political nature.

Democracy has proven itself to enable tyranny as well as liberty, unless Western elites understand this we are in deep trouble and the major schism forecast, which in essence is upon us now, as Tony Blair predicted will continue to gain political momentum.

Look at this image above wishful thinking and future bias are not going to save you from what Islam and the Muslim behavioral variance in time and space informs. This is not about personable likable persons which invariably exist in any culture this is about what the Islamic culture consistently constantly delivers as a whole as the Nazi did and does.

Change the Architect and Builder or Change Nothing.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It may be a comfort to some but as we see it can be a death sentence for Other and subjugation particularly for women.

New Zealand-born Australian actor Russell Crowe poses for a photo in front of a Russian billboard for the biblical epic film 'Noah' in Moscow, on March 17, 2014. The 49-year old Oscar-winning actor arrived in Moscow to promote his new movie "Noah" banned in some Arab countries. (AFP Photo/Yury Samolygo)

Indonesian Director Takes Aim at ‘Narrow-Minded’ Censor Over ‘Noah’ Ban By Camelia Pasandaran on 03:08 pm Mar 25, 2014

It is interesting if the same thing was done to an Islamic portrayal of the same story in the West it would be called an Islamophobic act.

As has been stated recently in the Australian Parliament the so called Left, Greens and Labor party have deserted the 'Freedom' barricades for 'selective' cultural relativism, selective because the Left, Greens and Labor party do not determine cultures which exist outside their definition of culture are anything other than individual cases of bigotry, 'Trolls' as the previous erstwhile Australian Prime Minster Gillard determined them to be. Not fellow citizens simply non-humans - sounds very much like the beginnings of a genocide construct to me.

Once as we see in Islam, Nazi and other cultural genocide codex, when you build the cultural codex to enable you to label a person as non-human 'Trolls', 'apes', etc what happens? With Julia Gillard it was an agreement with Google to place 'restrictions' on these evil 'Trolls'. You see Gillard, the Greens, and Labor have to build an evil codex construct so they do not have to face the inconvenient truth which is as Einstein and Tony Blair espouse the existence of any number of moderate adherents of a genocidal construct in time and space makes not a bit of a difference to the outcome.

"Communities (cultures) tend to be guided less than individuals by conscience and a sense of responsibility. How much misery does this fact cause mankind! It is the source of wars and every kind of oppression, which fill the earth with pain, sighs and bitterness." (Albert Einstein, 1934)

Einstein, Blair, as I do understand perfectly there tend to be personable persons in any ideological construct, this is not the point, clearly in the 1930's there was exactly the same view of the Nazi, does it change the outcome, it is what the culture informs as a whole - I simply believe just one, just one loss of life and the grief such cultural behavioral variances consistently constantly inevitably brings is simply not worth it.

Do we accept products which we know will kill us without restriction into the Public Square? The fact it is only one or two at the start or we luckily stop the atrocities by work and good fortune we should be thankful? This is insanity to accept and promote such a construct not to oppose it. Yet here we are.

The Left have created a real political vacuum where the reality as defined by the Left of this space bares no resembles to the truth, where Islam as a culture informs via its genocidal codex construct of Other as does the Nazi a behavioral variance of terror and major schism which the Left Greens and Labor determine as a 'Good' multicultural harmony.

So what happens, citizens see clearly their culture is directly and manifestly threatened by a genocidal construct, see clearly in time and space just regards Turkey alone let alone Indonesia on its doorstep that Democratic institutions offer little or no protection from Islamic political codex constructs regards Other and women, as research and public discourse seeking a non-violent solution to address the unfathomable grief Islam informs each and every day are crushed under notions and a legal landscape of persons who show there is a 'problem' being determined as evil bigoted non-human 'Trolls' , inevitably another genocide construct arises in equal proportion to fill the void as we are clearly seeing in the current French elections.

The fact is the actual cause of the French Right rising is because the Left has not, the absurdity is the Left railing against the rise of the French Right when the Left created the actual conditions for them to rise in the first place directly due to an abrogation of the Lefts role in protecting citizens from exploitative genocide constructs.

What happens first?
"The mainly Muslim Seleka seized power a year ago, perpetrating abuses on the majority Christian population that triggered waves of revenge attacks, leading to thousands of deaths and displacing hundreds of thousands."
U.N. chief warns against aiding Central African Republic militias BY MICHELLE NICHOLS
UNITED NATIONS Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:17pm EDT
Then what happens?

Other violence rises to meet the Islamic/Muslim violence because the Left has left. We have this Islamic violence around the would and the capacity to perpetrate Muslim terror increasing every day in Western streets and Other are asked to give this construct respect, in fact it is demanded of Other. Islamophobic it is a lie. How can one not be fearful of this single informed Islamic/Muslim action by Islamic/Muslim Central African Republic militias because of what it informs as to what will happen in your own country.

Islam in increasing control of the political ignores the Law because it does not conform to existing Islamic/Muslim elites view of the world.
Twitter still blocked in Turkey despite court order New Straits Times 03 April 2014

We are not allowed to discuss openly, scientifically Tony Blair's assessment Islam contains an inherent 'problem'. Instead the Greens and Labor insist derogatory statements of Islamopobia, a mental illness can be freely applied to citizens where Muslims and others can determine, despite the daily Muslim derived bloody body count, political acts and the cause as the attached article reveals, publicly and privately non-Muslims (Other) are offending them when Other says rightly Islam/Muslims as a culture are a threat.

Citizens can be hauled before the courts for saying what evidence appears to statistically support. Representation of reality as it stands has become an offence. Greens/Labor law is underpinned by a fanatical religious notion if it offends thee cut it off. What Greens/Labor do not appear to realize once accepting such a doctrine of increasing draconian methods for achieving the Iranian theocratic 'Tranquility of Silence' means it aligns societal norms to the very religious constructs as we see in this attached article. Such political actions become increasingly likely as the foundation has been laid - this time by the all so pure Left.

The Left should reflect on the following "The closer you get to purity it turns out to be just as ugly if not more so than the depravity it is meant to replace.".

When one reads the article it is clear the reasons for the ban are squarely based upon the contents of the Quran, and enforced by a State institution informed by the Qurans content therefore Islam informs political constructs in time and space which seek to suppress any conflict with its version of reality.

To claim this is not the case I simply ask if not Islam as a codex informing this political decision what is the codex which does - there has to be one. This is repeated across the world it is simply not one case.

Now is this 'Freedom' is this enabling maximum relative independence of the individual?

It is not that I am arguing there should be no limitation of communication which causes 'harm', for I believe genocide codex constructs such as Islam and the Nazi must be removed from the Public Square. It is just when the 'harm' done is the 'harm' the decision itself does to informed debate and the 'FACT' versions of history differ and must be open to challenge even though some may be offended - as with infinity you can only ever approach Truth you can never reach it.

Once you believe you have 'Truth' firmly in your grasp and peer through your fingers all you see is fools gold.

It may be a comfort to some but as we see it can be a death sentence in time and space for Other and subjugation particularly for women.

How do you go about it. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child...

Friday, March 21, 2014

This is what the politic informs in reality as the institutions of power legislature, judiciary, police and military are aligned to the Islamic/Nazi codex


Twitter Blocked in Turkey as Prime Minister Pledges to 'Eradicate' It 2014

This is what the politic informs in reality as the institutions of power legislature, judiciary, police and military are aligned to the Islamic/Nazi codex and the Tranquility of Silence so desired by genocide constructs be they secular or religious.

How many I ask so called Muslim moderates are enabling such power against Other and negating any challenge to the irrationality of the Islamic codex none?

For if the Islamic codex were rational these acts would never be required.

Anyone in Western Democracies who wants a prime example of how a secular Democracy and its institutions can and are taken apart in time and space by Muslims when they obtain enough State power Turkey is it in 2014.

Accusing persons of having a mental illness, a phobia, if they determine Islam informs a Muslim behavioral variance in time and space which inevitably leads to the diminution of human rights and freedom of discourse need to examine if their own mental health urgently needs further evaluation.

How do you go about it. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Comment on: "Criticising Islam, gays sets army major up for a fall" by Paul Sheehan, Sydney Morning Herald, 2014

Major Bernie Gaynor
Criticising Islam, gays sets army major up for a fall Date March 17, 2014  Paul Sheehan Sydney Morning Herald

Note despite my support for Major Bernie Gaynor's views regards the inherent risk Islam poses for any society even to its own adherents, I do very much disagree with his views on 'gays' in the military.

"Communities (cultures) tend to be guided less than individuals by conscience and a sense of responsibility. How much misery does this fact cause mankind! It is the source of wars and every kind of oppression, which fill the earth with pain, sighs and bitterness." (Albert Einstein, 1934)

In other words it is what a culture as a whole informs not what so called moderate 'individual' persons of "conscience and a sense of responsibility", residing within a culture behavioral variance which includes a genocide construct of Other as Islam clearly does, who determine they represent a peace and freedom loving culture which is the measure of the true worth of any culture in the Public Square.

Albert Einstein is most likely referring to his own experience regards the Nazi in Germany, although one does not have to specifically target one ideology secular or religious to determine such a truth, to find self-determined moderate adherents of such constructs as the Nazi and Islam being simply promoters of the worst type of tyranny derived from their culture by refusing to accept their cultural codex contains a genocide construct despite the daily count of broken bodies and lives.

'We are the majority" the so called moderates of such genocidal constructs loudly claim yet the culture and their own support for it leads consistently constantly to bloodied streets - it is of no comfort to Other. For without the moderates of such a construct there would be no extremists nor bloodied streets.

It is amazing political elites of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt the list goes on and on accuse Muslim groups derived and or financed from these other countries of inciting terror and major schism within their own borders yet when a 'Western person' proposes exactly the same they are accused of being a Islamophobic person - they have a mental illness.

"In his interview with FRANCE 24, Maliki said Saudi Arabia and Qatar were seeking to destabilise Iraq by supporting terrorist groups and providing them with financial support.

Maliki, an Iraqi Shiite politician, said the two Sunni majority Gulf countries were also “supporting terrorism” in Syria and “around the world”."

Saudi Arabia responded to a FRANCE 24 interview with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday, slamming the Iraqi leader’s accusations that the Gulf kingdom supported terrorism as “aggressive and irresponsible”. Video by Marc PERELMAN Text by FRANCE 24 2014-03-10

"Saudi Arabia has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and banned it and other organizations effective from March 8, according to an Interior Ministry statement.

The ministry issued a list of banned organizations that includes the ‘Saudi Hezbollah’ movement, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Al-Qaeda in Yemen, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and the Houthis in Yemen, the Saudi Press Agency reported, quoting the ministry."

KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) tightens noose on Brotherhood terrorism JEDDAH: ARAB NEWS Published — Saturday 8 March 2014

Now clearly these are all' 'Muslim' groups therefore their ethics are derived from an Islamic cultural codex not a Disneyland codex - misinterpreted - so many from generation to generation? Whole nations in fact.

It is rather wishful thinking and a matter of future bias given the foiled terror attempts already in our own country Australia to determine someone saying as a culture Muslims behavioral variance poses a clear security risk, given reality on the ground external and internal to any Nation, should be determined themselves as a person in the wrong.

If this is the case we should immediately inform the political elites of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt the list goes on and on - they are all Islamophobic and they must refrain immediately from making such unsubstantiated accusations.

If even nations whose constitutions have Islam as the State religion (cultural foundation codex) determine other Muslims Nation, Group or individual whose ethics are derived directly from the Islamic cultural foundation codex, of which all including the accusers are adherents of the same, of “supporting terrorism” in Syria and “around the world”. surly Other has a justified right to determine the same for exactly the same reasons without being vilified as having a mental illness?

Basing policy on cultural relativism and the existence of moderates in any culture despite what the culture informs as a whole is a very dangerous thing to do. Even our dearly beloved Albert Einstein understood this.

Australian infantry soldier Caner Temel, 22, killed while fighting in Syria with rebels  MARCH 19, 2014 News .com.au

Major Bernie Gaynor has no need to be concerned really is a suicidal act on the behalf of ASIO and any other security institutions who are stupid enough to think in time and space such knowledge is not turned back against Other with prejudice - utilize yes but only ever at arms length on the understanding cultural codex when push comes to shove will as it has across the world takes precedence. Claiming we did not see it coming and all the proper procedures were followed is bullshit, read the cultural codex of Other it tells you exactly what will happen, as well as history.

Clearly History has Been Written To be Ignored you utilize other cultures within your cultures security systems against internal and external threats whose cultural codex informed behavioral variance at its core clearly informs your destruction what has happened to your empire and your culture in time and space. Why do you believe history simply does not apply to you?

Change the Architect and Builder Or Change Nothing - some may think jingoistic but in reality a simple truth.

How do you go about it. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Clearly the US (world) has not learnt from History - Putin (Russia) going into Georgia was the worlds Manchuria, Austria, Czechoslovakia, ..

Ukrainian interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk will fly to the United States this week to discuss the crisis in Crimea, press office said Sunday.
The US determined after WWII if the US had only had the fortitude and military might the US should have moved against Japan when Japan invaded Manchuria.

Hence the US realizing wishful thinking simply is not going to stop megalomaniac persons or Nation States from appearing and doing what they do so well the US decided not to go into its pre WWII shell and sought to develop the military power and the fortitude to take on tyrants at the beginning and not hopefully survive due to luck and circumstance after the enemy felt themselves powerful enough to strike first.

Hence the "Carrier Strike Group Two" now in the Black Sea below the Crimea represents the required military might.

Clearly the US (world) has not learnt from History - Putin (Russia) going into Georgia was the worlds Manchuria, Austria, Czechoslovakia, .. yet it did not act with the inevitable consequences.

As in the last century we have the inevitable tag team European vs Asian spheres, last time Germany and Japan this time Russia and China.

The US and its Western allies may not this time be so lucky to survive the first strike, a nuclear strike against the US China has actually described in great detail via its media.

The required military might is there for a reason and it has to do with the millions who died last century and will die if Russia is not if necessary forced militarily out of the Crimea and Georgia. Where is the fortitude given history shows us what happens next?

To claim the twenty-first century is no place to use military force when it is and will be with prejudice given time and space as Russia and China build capacity to impose their will, as Putin (Russia) is now beggars belief.

Russia should be given 24 hours to get out of the Crimea and Georgia or be removed with force.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

An extremely important sign for those who do not accept Islam is at it's core a cultural codex with an inherent genocide construct

Why are the following determinations by the Saudi Arabian State an extremely important sign for those who do not accept Islam is at it's core a cultural codex with an inherent genocide construct and therefore in time and space will deliver terror, crumbling burning buildings and unfathomable grief?

"Saudi Arabia has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and banned it and other organizations effective from March 8, according to an Interior Ministry statement.

The ministry issued a list of banned organizations that includes the ‘Saudi Hezbollah’ movement, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Al-Qaeda in Yemen, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and the Houthis in Yemen, the Saudi Press Agency reported, quoting the ministry."

KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) tightens noose on Brotherhood terrorism JEDDAH: ARAB NEWS Published — Saturday 8 March 2014

It is because it reveals the true nature of what Islam and the informed consistent, constant Muslim behavioral variance delivers in reality and not what as with all ideologies humanity would wish them to peace, security and a flourishing life.

For the Saudi Arabian State, an adherent of the exact same Islamic cultural foundation codex of which these so called terrorist groups are also adherents, in making such a determination admits to the terrorist nature inculcated within the Muslim behavioral variance.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fails to grasp or wants to face the very reason these groups exist are because of Saudi Arabians very own Islamic cultural foundation codex (textual and exemplar (messianic)). These very same terror groups under other names always have existed since the seventh century.

Consider religious institutions/groups need to be derived from the specific religions cultural foundation codex, their ethical nature therefore is based upon this codex.  

Change the Architect and Builder or Change Nothing.

Otherwise the terror and subjugation of Other particularly women continues.

All these Muslim groups of this type across history proves beyond doubt statistically Islam is not being misinterpreted, these Muslim groups repeatedly from generation to generation find justification and authorization for their despicable acts straight from the Islamic codex of which all Muslims are adherents and represents the true nature of Islam, they are the 'true' believers. 

"Mr Ali has been recorded saying that over the course of seven years he had identified 240 'radicals Islamists' within his community (Australian) center, 120 of whom continue to have extremist views and are seen to potentially be on a path to "extreme acts".

Mr Nawaz, who says he understands extreme Islamist groups because he was once a true believer, thinks Mr Ali's admission is a serious concern."
"Eradicating radical Islam July 3, 2013, 6:18 pm James Thomas Today Tonight

Clearly even Muslims determine these 'radicals Islamist's' as the 'true believers', persons who interpret the 'true' nature of the Islamic codex. Please Muslims go that one step further which such a truth informs the Islamic codex is a very dangerous ideology and your continuing adherence whether as a so called moderate or extremist or in between informs Islams continuance and is putting humanity at mortal risk and daily attack. 

Saudi Arabia, the very source of the Islamic cultural codex, designation of these Islamic groups as terrorist organisations proves beyond doubt the Muslim behavioral variance contains a genocide construct of Other of which you are inherently a participant which means Islam can never be an ideology of peace, in fact as we have seen since the seventh century in time and space the exact opposite. Any peace and security for other only ever a short respite before the genocide commences again with renewed vigor.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Goose is not a Donkey. Cases of corrupting Quranic truth (Misinterpreted verses)

Cases of corrupting Quranic truth (Misinterpreted verses) 

The Myth "..some probably do and some don't." 

The reality is Muslims all along the Islamic Cultural behavioral variance, inclusive of the so called moderates and terrorists, inform a correct interpretation of the Islamic cultural codex otherwise they could not determine themselves to be Muslims nor could Other. 

A Goose is not a Donkey. You have a variety of Geese as you do Donkeys, if they could but try, both could not rationally determine themselves to be the other, yet Muslims try, not that they are not alone but this is no excuse.

Muslims try, as their cultural relativist supporters such as Hillary Clinton , David Cameron, Barack Obama, etc allow Muslims to do unhindered by reality, to determine themselves the 'true' Islamic ideology, a distinct ideology from the other 'misinterpreted' ideology derived from exactly the same Islamic codex. 

The extremist determine themselves of the 'true' faith to justify their terror and creation of major societal schism and the moderates determine themselves of the 'true' faith to distance themselves from the terror and creation of major societal schism. Both cognitive conscience assuaging mechanisms in an attempt to shield all Muslims from their culpability and guilt.

The determinate that the existence of this distinct ideology is a sustainable argument are firstly if new generations of extremists can be derived from a Muslim moderate context given 'distinct' ideologies are simply unconnected in any way to the other. 

For to be brought up as a child in a distinct ideologies relationship norms, external and internal, it would provide no avenue culturally to drift to this other 'distinct' ideology for there would be no commonality of ethics, nor joint cultural historic justification to justify such a shift. For the argument to be true no new generations derived from self-described moderates would become extremists - is this true?

Secondly if the ideology itself Islam informs both a behavioral spectrum of moderate through to extremists of those derived from parents or culture not of the ideology then clearly the ideology informs both moderate and extremists and therefore the concept of separate ideologies is void and Muslim moderate through extremists are culpable for the terror and major schism, not just one or the other. 

All along the Islamic/Muslim cultural behavioral each Muslim are certain they themselves are the 'true' Muslim. The fact is the textual codex the Quran itself encourages this to occur by God/Mohamed giving each 'true' Muslim the power to determine who is not of the 'true' faith, who is simply mouthing adherence. Each Muslim of their own volition can therefore 'rightly' pass judgement and after judgement has been given what happens?

How is this possible that a God could employ such inept interpreters of HIS intent unless Gods intention all along was to enable both supposed good and evil interpretations of a cultural codex to exist simultaneously, both valid – both the Moderate and Extremist ends of the Islamic cultural variance view themselves rightly as the ‘good’.  

The actual outcome good and evil or evil and good depending if you are a moderate or an extremist Muslim, for Other it does not matter for Other have to suffer the evil consequences. Muslims determined internally or externally as ‘good’ be they Moderates or Extremists simply does not stop the Muslim inspired terror and major schism wherever it is allowed into the Public Square  therefore there are no “Cases of corrupting Quranic truth (Misinterpreted verses).” – God knew this would be the outcome.

From a secularist point of view it is not a surprise there exists in a human constructed cultural codex, even if at its core created in the main in one life time, the propensity to inform good and evil as it is reflective of the nature of human beings own behavioral variance informing a capacity of generosity as well as meanness, compassion as well as tyranny, graciousness as well as cruelty, friendliness as well as hostility, gentleness as well as brutality.  

Religious cultural codex constructs, tend to be closer to reflective human condition, a humans individual behavior variance as a whole, than secular cultural derived codex, such as liberalism, socialism, communism, conservatism, fascism, as secular codex are informed by peering from above at human institutions in terms of the relative distribution of power regards the individual/group and how the relative degrees of Liberty/Freedom at an individual and/or group level inform what are perceived as ‘good’ societal outcomes.

Creators and adherents to secular codex only involve themselves in ‘ethical’ constructs of in situ cultures only to the degree the cultures notions of 'good' and 'evil' impede or support their secular codex view of the secular codex perceived necessary degrees of Liberty/Freedom. 

Whereas religious codex are formed from a specific time and space based upon a specific cultures view of ethical individual human relationship constructs framed, justified and authorized by exemplar (messianic) templates. The authorization for acceptance determined upon the auspices of the exemplar themselves or determined by the exemplar to be derived from even a higher power than ‘Himself’ God- the ultimate unchallengeable Supreme Being. 

The following is an example of how religious ethical constructs at a specific point in time are concreted as justified and authorized as a religious cultures norm to inform following generations of adherents actions. 

So attacking another culture (Other) murdering them and taking their women for your own, simply because the potential for ‘evil’ is defined culturally and/or by the exemplar because they are Other and therefore intrinsically cannot be trusted as Mohamed determined with the Jewish tribe he had made a treaty with becomes a part of the religious codex (textual and exemplar) justification and authorization for the same in future. As with the murdering of those who parodied Mohammad and Mohammad’s subsequent supportive reaction to the act by simply joking about their violent demise.

Both of the above Islamic cultural codex constructs acts textually recorded along with exemplar approval or outright participation are informing Muslim actions to this very day.  Mohammed may have determined a different course of action against Other at another time and space for reasons specific to that particular circumstance, which is not unusual in human interaction that we may act differently given similar circumstances (and it may have had something to do with an external influence on Mohammed at the time which prevented him acting as he would normally be inclined to do, as he had clearly in the past) , which was more benign for reasons specific to that circumstance but it does not alter the fact the above two examples clearly violent murders of Other took place and Mohammed’s genocidal and murderous actions are as much a part of the Islamic codex as the other actions against Other of Mohammed which may be more benign. 

Whatever 'good' Mohammad may have informed elsewhere regards Other in the Islamic cultural codex does not cancel out nor make any less valid as a Muslim behavioral template the 'evil' aspect, in twenty-first century human rights terms, of Mohammed's 'evil' behavior supported by a clear Mohammad inspired textual genocide construct of Other within the Quran itself.
Have I sinned? What is a Genocide Construct of Other and Why is it formed?

Just from these two examples above, representative of many more in the Islamic codex, we can see from a 2014 human rights perspective such acts are regarded as evil but from an Islamic/Muslim religious construction they can and are, as we see everyday, determined as a ‘good’ – justified and authorized by the Islamic codex by the prime exemplar Mohamed himself.

Both Muslim 'good' and 'evil' or 'evil' and 'good' derived from the Islamic codex are 'true' representations of the Islamic codex therefore adherents of the Islamic codex are jointly responsible for the terror and major schism derived. Every day of a Muslim's adherence to the Islamic codex, being moderate through to terrorist, from a twenty-first century human rights perspective is a day of sin against humanity for without one there would not be the other.
‘Some’ Muslims even ‘Most’ determining such actions as ‘wrong’ and then moving to delete or alter the codex informing such behavior is acceptable, but then for Muslims to go on and say such acts are not justified nor authorized by the Islamic codex where such behavior on Mohammed’s part are clearly recorded and particularly given the genocide construct of Other clearly identifiable in the Quran with the resultant Muslim derived broken bodies and lives, is for Other who can read extremely offensive in its hypocrisy.

Worse still for humanity, Other can also see ‘Some’/’Most’ Muslims refuse to accept by remaining Muslims they pass on the exact same codex to new generations of Muslim adherents to perpetuate the terror and major schism integral to the existence of such ‘evil’ Islamic constructs. 

The Moderate and Extremist Muslims found their beliefs on exactly the same cultural foundation codex and Mohammad exemplar they therefore are of the same culture and as a culture responsible together for its outcomes.

Given both sides can and do point to selected parts of the Islamic cultural codex (textual and exemplar) to justify differing points of view in a cultural sense both are right - and for Other the finer point of the discussion are lost in a haze of bloody terror and societal major schism - as we see in the middle east and even in the streets of London.

Arguing about who is right is a waste of time as far as Other are concerned, as both sides can clearly justify their culturally derived positions directly from the cultural codex and therefore there is no hope this going to change because both sides can 'prove' they have the correct version from exactly the same Islamic cultural codex.

So claiming 'some' have misinterpreted when they can show they have not really is not going to stop the Islamic terror because they have just as much if not more cultural codex support for their view.

An example of the absurdity of accepting a culture into the Public Square whose duality of interpretation of cultural foundation codex consistently constantly informs both good and evil simply because a segment of cultural adherents of any number supposedly inform no evil is as follows.

Let us assume there exist two Doctors, the decisions of both are based upon the same Medical textbook (codex) passed down the generations, unaltered from doctor to doctor, a person arrives with a critical medical condition. 

The symptoms inform two radically differing Medical procedures due to the Medical textbook (codex) ambiguity, conflicting statements, and medical tradition where both medical procedures have been historically varyingly utilized by Doctors in the same space and time as valid for the same symptoms, one procedure if followed saves the life of the patient the other causes their death. 

The Doctors choose different procedures based upon their individual understanding of the meaning of the Medical Textbook (codex) and the exemplars of the profession who have preceded them. 

One Doctors belief will save the patient’s life and the other Doctors belief causes the patient’s death.

Both Doctors are convinced their belief to be the true reflection of the Medical textbook (codex) underwritten by authoritative exemplars actions which they can both provide evidence of if required, neither Doctors determine themselves as ‘evil’ they are simply following the prescribed Medical textbook (codex) procedures and exemplars previous actions to deal with the medical patients symptoms. 

The patient has no idea which Doctor to trust both doctors claiming their interpretation to be the true one, both Doctors claiming to be able to cue the patient of their illness.

The patient has a 50% chance of surviving depending on which Doctor treats them.

The patient has a 50% chance of not surviving depending on which Doctor treats them.

Other in a cultural sense dealing with supposed ambiguity and contradictions of another Cultures cultural foundation codex informing a cultural behavioral variance are not so lucky to have even a 50% chance of surviving without death being visited upon them. 

It is the same as the patient having no choice but to have both Doctors operate on them at the same time the result is fatal despite one Doctor determined to have the right belief and the other the wrong belief as to the appropriate cure.

So it is really of no comfort to Other that the adherents of a cultural foundation codex argue that because they are the ‘right’ Doctors they should be allowed unfettered into the Public Square with a cultural foundation codex which clearly in the exact same time and space enables ‘wrong’ Doctors to exist as well. You cannot have one without the other to inform a wrong outcome therefore the culture itself as a whole informs evil not good. For a culture to claim it informs ‘good’ but at the same time the culture informs ‘evil’ consistently constantly at the same time cannot be a ‘good’ for it informs evil. And therefore must not be allowed into the Public Square. How can you be half good and half evil and be a ‘good’?

You cannot.

How do you go about it. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) says radicalisation should be treated as child abuse

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): 'It is estimated that there could be hundreds of children who are being taught crazy stuff.' Source The Guardian Photograph: Julian Makey/Rex Features

Parents are the problem only if they have knowingly or otherwise enabled their child to be exposed to a cultural codex in an environment which contains a culturally uncontested genocide construct of Other, secular or religious.

Under such a cultural codex environment.

"I'm very tolerant." is meaningless.

"I cherish freedom." is meaningless.

It is what a Cultural foundation codex (textual exemplar (messianic)) consistently constantly informs in space and time via the resultant cultural behavioral variance, what Tony Blair refers to as 'spectrum', which is a true measure of the worth of any culture to humanity.

What is the use of having a tiger roaming your house under the auspices only 10% are teeth and claw (extremists, fundamentalist, terrorists) and therefore the rest of the body(liberal moderates) is harmless and therefore the tiger must be a allowed Freedom of Action - in this case Freedom of Religion to do what tigers do so well?

Only one in twenty attacked and eaten in the household - not many compared to the whole - you exaggerate the cost, why do you complain?

We complain because without the tiger and the nature thereof there would be no terror, no wasted resources setting up ineffective defense mechanisms nor the inevitable resultant victims.

Just one victim is one too many. Too high a price for the unfathomable grief such loss just one victim brings let alone thousands.

"Muslim children at risk of radicalisation at the hands of their parents are victims of child abuse and should be taken into care, Boris Johnson has said."

This notion of "radicalisation at the hands of their parents" assumes the notion of a "parent" is the actual root cause of "radicalisation"

The argument suffers from a critical flaw for one has to find only one "radicalised" person whose parents are not adherents of the same ideology in this case Islam (cultural foundation codex - textual and exemplar) to disprove the argument.

There are plenty of examples of Islamic terrorists whose parents are not Muslim therefore the argument is disproved.

Although it could be successfully argued statistically the propensity to become radicalized via parents ideological beliefs is dependent on the parents cultural codex - ie there is a relatively strong correlation you are more likely to become radicalized if your parents are Muslims 

The cause of the "radicalization" given it can be shown persons are radicalized by an ideology whether or not their parents are of the same ideology or not means radicalization has to do with something other than parenting. 

As ideology is the consistent factor it is the ideology which has to be removed from influencing not only the children but the parents as well for the "radicalization" to cease,

Change the Architect and Builder or Change Nothing.

How do you go about it. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child Lost is One Child Too Many. One Child...